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Consistent innovation and the introduction of enterprise services have turned A2P SMS into the most utilized communication channel on the planet.

By modularly combining operator and A2P technologies, we’re working together to create additional revenue inside the mobile ecosystem.

From 1.4 trillion A2P messages sent in 2014, an expected rise to 2 trillion and worldwide generation of $71.4 billion in 2019, it’s also the key driver of worldwide SMS revenue.

A2P is the key driver of
world wide SMS Revenue.

1.4 trillion A2P messages in 2014
Expected growth to 2 trillion in 2019.

The A2P market is expected to
generate 71.4 B by 2019.

Partnership possibilities

We've built our business on our successful Operator Partnerships. We can work together in a number of ways, from simply utilizing direct connections to offering a fully managed Business-as-a-Service approach.

Direct Connection

Through our Enterprise clients we’re able to bring increased traffic and revenues. We handle an average of 6 billion monthly transactions.


Solution designed for high-volume A2P messaging. Handling volumes ranging from 100 to 10,000 SMS/sec, enabling intelligent traffic management.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise-oriented in-house development, providing you with high-end tech to power your product portfolio. We're also bringing in a vast enterprise client base.

SS7 Security Firewall - sGate

Our A2P SMS firewall provides an all encompassing solution for network security and traffic monetization.

Fully Managed A2P Messaging Partnership

Our Business-as-a-Service partnership provides a fully-managed instance of our core messaging platform for your operator needs. We maintain industry security standards, manage operational services, power and develop the infrastructure, all resulting in faster time to market, cost reduction and less strain on your business processes.

We can also handle:

 Solution Integration

 Support Services

 Sales & Marketing

 Business Consultancy

More than 300 MNO Partners trust us to handle their A2P messaging

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