Messaging is complex

Our A2P solutions are simple.

Infobip has evolved alongside the SMS industry, creating flexible, market-based solutions since 2002.

SMS continues to be the most precise, effective messaging channel.

Rapid Growth

A2P SMS is rapidly growing into the most utilized communication channel on the planet.

Global Reach

We have functioned at the core of the A2P SMS space, working side by side with global mobile operators to construct the largest communications network.


We work on the ground with 300+ operator partnerships to fuel our knowledge of local messaging environments in 190 countries.


As consultants we leverage our expert market insights to create custom messaging solutions.

Messaging Solutions


Two-factor authentication secures your application, confidential user data and your business.

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2-Way SMS

Obtain a mobile number, dedicated short codes to run engaging campaigns. Reach anyone over the world's best coverage.

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Number Lookup

Check number validity and status in real time, on a global scale. Save money and increase conversion rates.

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Our automated text to speech service delivers converted or pre-recorded voice messages to your users' mobile phones.

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Connect to our services


Our API opens the door to billions of subscribers by executing calls directly in the telecoms network, enabling fast and easy integration of SMS and Voice powered services.

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Streamlined web access to the world's most powerful communications platform. Our intiutive web interface provides actionable insights and analytics for user and service behavior.

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Database Integration

Complete omni-channel messaging automation. We seamlessly integrate with any database providing your business with fully-programmable event-based communication.

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Messaging doesn't need to be complicated.

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