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3 Key Ways Customer Success Teams Can Help with Digital Transformation Challenges

3 Key Ways Customer Success Teams Can Help with Digital Transformation Challenges

Find out how Infobip’s customer success teams help clients achieve their business goals.

As we approach the end of 2021, we can see that more and more companies have been struggling with digital transformation challenges.

The biggest challenge of all is the belief that a solution or tool will resolve these barriers overnight. Although ”plug and play” may seem like an easy answer to all your digital transformation hurdles, real-life situations are often quite different.

At Infobip, we believe that finding and implementing a technical solution is just the beginning. That is why we, as Customer Success Managers, are here to help our clients understand more than just how our solutions work – so they can achieve their business goals. 

3 ways we help our clients achieve fast ROI

Before we dive into the details – let me help you understand where our customer success teams fall into place. Once a client works with our sales team to decide on the right-fit solution for their business and get set up, our customer success teams enter the conversation.

Our main goal is to help our clients achieve business success with our solutions. Here’s how:

Understanding client challenges and needs 

Our first step is to understand our clients’ pain points. Knowing this helps us narrow down our focus and dig for a solution. We use best practices from out 10,000+ clients to offer tailor-made solutions for any business challenge.

Industry, product and market knowledge  

We work with our product development teams to receive the latest updates and product roadmaps, which help us understand what’s to come so that we can build new use cases with our clients. In many cases, we use client feedback to influence our product roadmaps.

Success planning 

To ensure we always work towards our main goal (of helping clients achieve business success), we build a Success Plan for each client. This document combines all client business objectives with the product that we implemented. It is a jointly created plan between the client and us, outlining the key metrics that will determine the success rate of the implemented solution. 

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Applying these steps with each of our clients helps ensure they receive the tailored support they need to achieve their business goals. Offering help along their journey, alongside our other teams including Professional Services, Support, Marketing, and many others, we make sure our clients get the most out of our solutions.

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