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Back to Market: Customer Engagement in the New Normal

Back to Market: Customer Engagement in the New Normal

Brands can strengthen their messaging and engagement post-lockdown through digital innovation. Learn how monitoring your customers journey and engaging them with meaningful messages can boost your marketing strategy in the new normal

After months of being in lockdown, we’re slowly limping back to some form of normalcy.

But how do brands prepare their business for the ‘new normal’, and adapt to a world where their customers’ habits and needs have fundamentally changed?

One of the most significant changes is the acceleration of online behavior, as a result your digital communication eco-system just became critical.

For some such as retail and banking it’s about rebuilding but for a lot of businesses, especially travel and hospitality, it’s about starting from scratch. It’s time to rebuild your marketing and customer engagement strategy to acquire, nurture, grow, and retain customers.

As a brand, you need to future-proof yourself for the new post-lockdown world where digital customer engagement is the ‘new normal’.

The good news is with the digital transformation of martech:

  • You can deliver digital experiences rapidly, at scale
  • Digital customer engagement can build trust and create meaningful experiences

Here is how.

Serve, not sell

If there is anything the lockdown has taught us, it is customers are looking for brands they can engage with on a human level. Just optimizing the journey to purchase is not enough. You must seize the moment to deliver valuable services and experiences to your audience – and build deeper relationships.

For example, with offline stores facing closure, Nike removed its paid subscription from the Nike Training Club app – giving free access to workout videos, tips, and personalized content based on user activity. This led to an 80% increase in app activity and a 30% increase in online sales.

Listen to your customer

Listening is integral in kick-starting your comeback campaign. You need to understand your customer, and that can be done by analyzing their online, in-app, and channel behavior, providing valuable insights into their actions and sentiments.

Once you’re equipped with what they want, focus on a personalized customer-centric approach to address their behavior, and open meaningful customer engagement.

Provide personalized content

To build digital brand moments, it’s important to leverage storytelling, but what’s the point of a story without being contextual and personalized to your audience? While the lockdown is lifted, social distancing measures are still in place. And what people are looking for is an emotional connection.

Being contextual requires you to enable engagement that is tailor-made and available where and when the customer wants. Send messages on the channels they prefer that are contextual and relevant.

Be tech-enabled

While you may have your customer engagement strategy in place – to execute and reap the results you need to be tech-fueled to be able to engage seamlessly throughout the customer journey. With more digital touchpoints, data-driven strategies will be a huge factor in building customer moments.

Creating customer profiles based on their pre-Covid, quarantine, and post-lockdown behaviors will help keep track of users across a growing number of devices and touchpoints and figure out how to efficiently measure which of those are most effective at driving sales.

This will only be possible through data-driven insights and creating a holistic view of your consumer to drive efficient and effective channel strategies. And for that a centralized omnichannel customer engagement solution is required.

Smart segmentation post lockdown

For industries like retail, takeaways, and e-commerce there has been an influx of first-time online customers, while others like travel, and hospitality witnessed a downturn.

So, while for one group of industries the challenge would be to maintain loyalty, for the other it would be to restart their customer engagement journey. To reach out to this varied database in a personalized manner it is important to create look-alike segments, to help save time and reach out to each group contextually.

  • First time visitors: These would be organic online visitors you may want to convert into first-time buyers
  • New customers: Effectively use your product, and customer data to personalize, and grow the customer engagement funnel and build loyalty
  • Online to offline: With brick and mortar stores opening for business, it’s time to connect with your active online users to redirect them offline
  • Reengage: Win back your existing loyal database to let them know you’re back in business

So, where does all this leave brands as they look to the future?

The pandemic has created an impact on every sector, and there is a good chance that things which mattered to customers before will matter afterwards as well. However, what has changed is the consumption and engagement patterns.

As a brand, you need to work with greater agility and dynamism to keep refreshing your customer engagement in real-time – in a more creative, targeted and customized way – with relevant content, harnessing all channels to their full potential.

Where does Moments fit in?

As you look to retain and rebuild your audience, in what is set to become a loud space, measuring conversion metrics and engaging throughout the customer journey will be vital to campaign success.

The tech stack is going to be a valued asset within your engagement strategy, as automation will optimize time and spend.

Moments – will not only automate the journey, while delivering real-time results but empower you to gauge your customers’ sentiment and behavior to provide a more personal and long-lasting engagement experience.

Get ready to engage in the new normal