Corporate Coaching Supports Lifetime Learning

Ever wondered what corporate coaching is and why companies around the world have dedicated departments for internal training? The answer is simple – our jobs have become so complex that if you don’t invest in continuous learning, you will be left behind.

Corporate coaching – a new twist on corporate training

Corporate coaching isn’t a new thing. Companies have had internal training departments for decades. Informal training has also been a part of getting up to speed at a new job for as long as anyone remembers. However, in today’s environment just training people isn’t enough. You need to help people with lifelong learning so they can grow, make real progress and end up thriving in their careers.

Corporate coaching is about more than teaching people how to use apps and tools. Coaches focus on developing each person’s potential and help them learn new skills. Coaches also serve as conduits within the company so different departments can learn and collaborate better, both internally and with each other.

How to ensure effective knowledge transfer

Coaches are hired to create courses and plans throughout the company. From orienting and onboarding new employees to continuous professional development, corporate coaches support employees throughout their time in the company. But wait, don’t coaches run out of people to coach?

Hardly. Not until there is nothing left to learn.

At Infobip there are always new products and features being deployed. From Support and Sales to Marketing, everyone in the company needs learn about new ways with which we’re helping our clients build communications to effectively reach their users. Infobip is growing so quickly that there are always new employees to train.

What’s it like to be a corporate coach?

Coaches need to be catalysts of constant learning, have a positive attitude, and be comfortable teaching others. We engage colleagues from their first day at the Infobip Academy. We educate around regular product, solution updates and introduce new apps to streamline our day-to-day work.

Coaching takes all the amazing talent Infobippers have and hones it. All the best athletes have great coaches who push them to be better, push them to do more than they ever thought they could. Infobip was built by driven people who take ‘I don’t know’ as a personal challenge to find the answer. The coaches at Infobip give us the tools, guidance, and structure to learn, grow, and help build the future.

ANTONIO KOLSTEE – Managing Director, Infobip North America

Coaches also serve to bridge the gap between tech and non-tech departments and our international colleagues; we are champions, mentors, teachers, testers, movers. The Corporate Coaching team features diverse backgrounds – Sales, Tech Support, Marketing… Still, we all share a single passion—an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and the passion for improvement.

The implementation of such a department has never been as crucial as it is now. Continuous learning is essential to success. Coaching develops individual strengths, removes weaknesses and builds abilities to further careers. It supports employees with just-in-time training to adapt to ever-changing business demands of today’s business environments.

This is why coaching is demanding, hectic, and every day is different, but that’s the exciting part. Our lightning fast pace forces us to keep up with all changes on all fronts, which transforms ourselves as well. You could say that we’re being coaching by the process. Truth is, the best coaches learn as much as their students.

If Corporate Coaching sounds like something you’re interested in, we’ll be glad to have you in our Pula office.

Petra Fonjak – Coaching Manager, Team Leader

Nov 28th, 2016
3 min read