Customer Care: Reduce Strain, Increase Quality With Chat-Based 2-Way

Few customer care requests are unique. It’s very likely that your customer is regularly coming to you with a problem that you’ve seen before, and will probably continue seeing.

Still, the quality of the customer experience (CX) is essential, which is what creates a chasm between cost-effective support and customer care done through real-time conversations – you know, ones that make your users feel like a real-person is actually trying to help.

Increasing the cost-effectiveness of solutions for customer care can’t be done by jeopardizing customer experience. In a world focused around the consumer, this simply doesn’t work, but it still has to be done.

The need for CX cost optimization

Len Markidan, who heads up marketing at Groove claims that, if your customer service agents spend just 4 hours per week on calls or repetitive tasks, you can save more than 200 man hours by adding an automated solution to the mix.

While that might be the case, our suggestion is that pure automation loses that human element which is an essential component of good customer service.

The challenge for companies is how to do it in a way that allows them to save money but doesn’t degrade the customer interaction.

Jonah Berger – Wharton marketing professor

In a growing battle for customer hearts and minds, customer loyalty is at a premium. And while responding to customers through tailored, yet obviously automated responses may be efficient, it can loosen the customer-company relationship to the point of jumping ship.

Replacing call support with real-time 2-Way chat

To avoid this, why not semi-automate the process. Give your customer care staff the ability to provide great response times (and hit their KPIs) while making their job easier.

Infobip chat-based 2-Way allows your support staff to simultaneously manage 7 chats in the same amount of time that would take them to manage 1 call.

One customer care agent can now effectively manage multiple customer requests. Whenever customers contact an agent, the Infobip platform already identifies them as existing or new customers, so there’s no need for additional authentication, which streamlines the process even further.

With real people providing industry’s best response times and handling multiple requests at the same time with care, your business retains the ability to course-correct when a conversation goes awry, something that’s getting lost with the increasing use of chat bots.

And they might not be going away, but even in this period of transition to excessively smart chat bots, customer conversations must remain magical. Today, more and more companies are losing the art of simply being human. With chat-based 2-Way, your business can have its cake and eat it, too.

And it still tastes equally sweet to the customer.

Jul 31st, 2017
2 min read