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Future-Proof Your Tech Stack with Conversational Customer Experience

Future-Proof Your Tech Stack with Conversational Customer Experience

To provide true conversational CX, you need omnichannel capabilities, a full overview of the customer, and full agent empowerment. Learn how you can offer just that.

Consumer behavior has been rapidly changing in the last decade. However, the well-known circumstances have pushed customers to expect and demand even more over the previous two years.

Whether it’s 24/7 availability, instant support, personalization, or being available through the channel of their choice – they expect it, they want it, and it’s here to stay.

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Because of the evolution of customers’ needs and wants, companies have started looking for ways to address these wants and create long-lasting relationships with them.

Partnering with Infobip enables you to have the CX stack that will help your clients do just that. It allows you to drive digital transformation on an unprecedented scale, tailored to your clients’ needs and challenges – the current and the ones that lie in the future.

So, how can your clients have the best customer experience possible? With conversational customer experience

What is conversational customer experience?

Conversational customer experience is a type of CX that doesn’t only focus on problem-solving. It aims to build long-term relationships with customers that result in greater customer loyalty, improved brand image, and in the end – more revenue.

It uses context and conversations to allow both agents and customers to pick of wherever they left off. Simply put, it makes it easy for customers to receive help, and it enables agents to provide personalized support easily and quickly.

Three pillars of a superior conversational customer experience

To provide true conversational CX, you need omnichannel capabilities, a full overview of the customer, and full agent empowerment and agent support.

1. Omnichannel availability and coverage

According to the latest Microsoft Global State of Customer Service, the majority of customers are still using 3-5 channels to get their issues resolved. 

The main goal of omnichannel support is to make contacting support as convenient as possible for customers – by giving them the ability to choose which communication channel they want and the ability to reach out from anywhere at any time.

The trick, however, is in connecting the channels and creating a unified customer experience across them. If you do not do this, your data and channels will be siloed, and your support will be inefficient.

Infobip’s Conversations lets you adopt and implement the most popular communication channels, including key ones such as SMS, Voice, Email, Chat Apps, RCS, and more.

2. Full overview of the customer

A complete overview of the customers is essential in providing an everyday conversational customer experience. 75% of customers want the agent to know who they are and their history. Unfortunately, the same study showed that customers had this information in only 31% of cases.

By utilizing Infobip’s data platform, People, you can connect insights from all online and offline sources: websites, apps, contact centers, CRMs, ERPs, loyalty cards, payment systems, and more – and unlock a 360° view of customers.

The 360° customer profiles created with People and the full conversation history that Conversations offers give agents the ability to access valuable insights and provide fast and personalized customer support. Giving agents the context needed to provide the best possible support is critical to providing a conversational customer experience, not a fragmented, impersonal one.

3. Agent empowerment and support

Customers aren’t the only ones that struggle with support. Agents experience a myriad of challenges daily.

One of the easiest and cost-effective ways of supporting your clients’ agents is by introducing chatbots. Most customers want fast answers, and your clients can accommodate them with always-on support through chatbots with our chatbot building platform Answers.

In addition to helping customers avoid long wait times, this also opens up agents’ time to focus on more complicated requests.

Our digital-first cloud contact center solution Conversations empowers agents in several ways:

  • It equips your agents with all the information they need at their fingertips through a comprehensive knowledge base so they can do their job the smart way and with faster time to resolution.
  • Lets them automate repetitive tasks with easy-to-setup workflows, chatbots, and IVR.
  • Conversations delivers context about the customer to the agent. This includes all of the data stored in the CRM, the conversation history regardless of channel, and the agent who managed the conversation.
  • Allows the creation of a predefined set of replies which agents can use with a single click – significantly decreasing time to resolution.
  • The Conversations mobile app enables agents to stay connected with customers on the go – whether they’re at home, in the office, or anywhere else.
Work from anywhere customer service screenshot
With the Conversations mobile app, agents can work from anywhere

Conversations also gives your clients the ability to use historical and real-time data to measure agent performance, monitor and track customer satisfaction through sentiment analysis, workload, efficiency, and quality of work – all of this with real-time analytics and full control from one place.

Check out the Conversations Overview demo:

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How Infobip helps you future proof your tech stack 

Partnering with Infobip allows you to offer all of these and more to your clients, regardless of how they want to use these solutions – whether through API or a web interface, while also being easy to scale, fast to onboard, and simple to use.

To see how we’ve helped companies around the world improve their customer experience, please explore the following customer stories:

Flamingo – increased its conversion rates, NPS scores, and agent productivity.

UNICEF –  cut donor churn by 33%.

Bolt – optimized its driver registration journey and secured a 40% rise in conversion rate.

These are just some of the ways we’ve helped companies with compelling use cases.

Download our Partnership Guide to see how you can augment your current offerings, help your clients, unlock new revenue streams, and future-proof your tech stack.

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