How platforms can accelerate engagement growth

Many of us interact with each other and our favorite brands on the world’s most popular digital channels daily. Our latest messaging trends report clearly shows the growth in the channels that support conversational interactions between businesses and their customers.

Platforms can help businesses to accelerate the benefits of adopting these digital channels to connect, communicate, and engage with customers. However, many businesses are still not leveraging the full potential that connecting with the right platform partner can provide.

We sat down with our Head of Platforms, Tamara Rajic, to uncover key tips on how to use digital platforms to boost customer engagement and achieve long-term business success.

What is a digital platform?

A digital platform is a business that brings together individuals and organizations, so they can interact – even innovate – together.

What engagement needs do platforms tend to have?

Platforms need to orchestrate personalized interactions on the channels that suit users.

It’s about providing secure, efficient engagements right across platform user lifecycles. With the growth of conversational approaches to customer engagement, platforms need to facilitate a growing volume of interactions and a wider variety of use cases.

Why is customer engagement crucial to platforms’ success?

At Infobip, we refer to a term called the engagement network effect. The more interactions the platform can spin up and handle, the more satisfied and engaged customers they’ll have, the more their platform will grow, the more insights they’ll be able to gather, the more reach they will achieve with their service, and so on.

What 3 engagement tips would you give platforms?

The top three engagement tips I’d give platforms include:

  1. Set up your platform’s communication strategy, so it can handle every single customer interaction at scale.
  2. Support customers at every point of their engagement lifecycle
  3. Reduce the complexity of your overall engagement strategy

Why is a cloud communications provider so important?

It’s not just about delivering the information to the customer, it’s also about tracking their satisfaction rates and engagement styles. And based on that, developing a comprehensive communication strategy that fits the platform’s needs.

What potential engagement pitfalls should platforms look out for?

From the perspective of a platform, the more interactions generated, the more pitfalls there are.

If one link in the chain breaks, the result can be:

  • downtime
  • missed messages
  • failed campaigns
  • low sales
  • low conversion rates

How many engagement channels should platforms use?

CX leaders use a wide combination of channels, and it all comes down to a simple requirement: to be present where your customers expect you and when they expect you.

This is why it’s important to build a communication strategy based on customer channel preferences and specific use cases.

Which channels are most popular?

We can divide these channels into traditional ones, such as SMS, MMS, voice, and email.

Then different chat apps, whose usage depends on the geographical location of customers, such as:

Why is using one platform for every interaction important?

Using one platform for every interaction brings many benefits to a business and its customers, including:

  • Enabling cross-channel orchestration
  • Having centralized insights
  • Easy scalability
  • Seamless integration of new channels and functionalities
  • Having a single point of contact for support

Which platform businesses does Infobip work with?

If you take the 10 biggest companies in the world, most of them are based on a platform business model. We work with at least seven of them.

How do platforms put together their engagement solutions?

Most platform businesses we work with rely on our APIs to connect channels and solutions to their own business workflows.

However, some platforms decide to orchestrate all their engagement activities via our SaaS solutions.

How can businesses become platform leaders?

Inspired by the insights provided by Tamara, you might want to know how your business can get maximum benefit from the platform model to become leaders in your industry sector.

To differentiate yourself from your competition you need to be able to provide a service to your own customers that surpasses what they have experienced before, has the flexibility to cater for multiple use cases, and enables cost-effective, secure, and consistent communication across both the traditional and digital channels that Tamara covered.

By working closely with our major platform partners Infobip has extended what is possible with the CPaaS model by developing a new solution created especially for platform companies called CPaaS X.

Deep dive into all the benefits that CPaaS X provides in our in-depth blog CPaaS has evolved. These include:

  • A simplified account structure: With the ability to add each customer as a separate entity. each can be assigned just the resources that they require.
  • Effective automation: Numbers can be purchased via the API with time and cost advantages. In addition, with each customer having their own entity ID, costs can be automatically tracked per customer therefore reducing manual workload. Ensure the consistency of client’s senders by applying a unique sending strategy for each one.
  • Support for multiple environments: Easily create different types of environments for different use cases, for example production and testing.
  • Targeted reporting: Subscribe to the notifications for events that you want to monitor and reduce the overhead of finding the data that you are interested in.

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Jun 19th, 2023
4 min read