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How to Engage Your Customers With Actionable Data

How to Engage Your Customers With Actionable Data

Create better data-driven interactions with the right tools.

When you have the right tools to gather and analyze customer data, you make the most out of every interaction you have. Taking that data and adapting which messaging tool is best for that situation is the essence of omni-channel messaging.

Omni-channel messaging informs the entire customer experience journey from the first message to loyal customer and beyond.

Designing for customer experience

Customer experience is defined as a coordinated series of interactions between a customer and your brand. It’s defined and judged by the customer each time they interact with you and your brand. More accurately, the ongoing, constant interaction between you and your customer.

Interactions vary in type, length, and importance to the customer relationship with your brand. According to Gartner, 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers, and costs five times more to attract new customers than to keep existing ones satisfied. While getting new customers is important, keeping existing customers and deepening your engagement with them, will drive a significant amount of business.

This is where customer engagement comes in. Roughly 67% of customer churn is preventable if issues are resolved at the first engagement, or in real time. According to RightNow and Harris Interactive, 89% of consumers stopped doing business with a company after a poor customer service experience. To keep existing customers and turn potential customers into paying customers, every messaging experience must meet the customer’s expectations.

Getting closer to your user

It turns out being quick to respond, but wrong, is still better than not responding at all. According to a study by Nielsen and McKinsey, 33% of consumers would recommend a brand that provides a quick but ineffective response. According to Salesforce, 55% of all consumers would pay more for a better service experience.

Offering support over 2-Way SMS messaging lets you engage your customers quickly and succinctly. Push notifications give you eye-catching features like geo-targeting and advanced scheduling for even deeper engagement. With voice and SMS failover, you can deliver messages even your customer doesn’t have an internet connection, while still offering customers their choice of preferred communications channel. Immediate responses create lasting relationships and improve consumer satisfaction. The omni-channel approach to messaging allows your customers to connect and engage with you on their terms and in turn build a stronger relationship with your brand.

But how do you know which channels customers prefer and which channels lead to the strongest relationships?


Data driven, consumer-focused decision making

Analyzing and acting on user data results in an organic shift to a consumer-focused model. If we know (from the data above) that customers want to engage with brands. And engaged customers are better customers. And it doesn’t take much to create goodwill. Why are businesses lagging when it comes to interpreting and gathering actionable data that inform customer experience, engagement, and messaging?

First, you need a tool to accurately collect that data. Bad information leads to bad decisions which means you need to trust your data. Second, actionable data means real-time. If you can’t optimize in real time, that’s a big chunk of potential engagement gone right off the bat—resulting in high customer churn—before you even get started.

Leveraging the data you collect is tricky. For companies expanding their user base, it’s crucial to have a scalable messaging and engagement solution that handles messaging data from 100 to 100,000 users. Not all solutions cover SMS, email, push, and voice into a single interface that also gathers all the data into actionable reports.. To build a user-centric, data-driven, omni-channel messaging solution, you need all of the channels, with all of the data, pulled together into one location.

infobip portal dashboard screenshot data

Omni-channel Communications and Dashboard Solution

The Infobip Portal gives you complete insight into your campaign performance at a glance. Infobip’s platform is supported by our deep relationships with mobile operators around the world that gives you unparalleled campaign performance and allows you to build predictive metrics around your reach. You can optimize your campaigns on the fly; adapting to your consumer behavior along with your business needs.

We make our technology work for your business. From APIs and front-end platform performance overviews to detailed campaign management tools, our tool set puts a global market at your fingertips, with all the data you need to understand it. Come test the limits of marketing your creativity and building the best possible experience for your consumer base from a consumer centric-perspective.

Run and manage your SMS campaigns with a trusted partner.

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