How to Improve Your Contact Center Customer Experience

A positive contact center customer experience is key to customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. But many organizations still use legacy contact center solutions that restrict the customer experiences they’re able to offer.

Here we look at how to evolve your contact center and start providing a superior contact center experience.

On-premise vs cloud contact centers

If you’re still operating with on-premise hardware that limits your agents (and customers) to a handful of channels, while requiring expensive upgrades every few years – you’re not alone.

Many organizations are losing revenue on digital transformation because they’re continuously investing in standard operational and traditional IT services for maintenance purposes – rather than automated cloud-based communication, to solve multiple customer pain points.

We recently highlighted the differences between on-premise vs cloud contact centers, and why it’s time to switch – with many organizations in favor of cloud contact centers for their flexibility and adaptability to changing consumer behaviors and business needs.

Although these benefits are no secret, many businesses struggle to part ways with their old infrastructure because moving to the cloud seems like too big of a project. However, even though it might not be easy, digitally transforming your contact center can be manageable – so long as you have an action plan that’s broken down into bite-sized pieces.

Evolve your contact center customer experience

To begin any journey, the first step is always preparation. By curating a list of everything you have and everything you need, you can identify the gaps you need to fill.

To understand how and where to improve your contact center customer experience, first ask yourself:

  • What channels do you use to communicate with customers?
  • How many queries, on average, can your contact center handle through these channels?
  • What are your customers’ and agents’ most common pain points?
  • Do you have tools that help you analyze and optimize contact center performance?

Once you know where you are and where you want to be, the next step is to gather all the right information – research, data, and insights – that tells you how to get there.

Now, ask yourself:

  • What channels could you add to your contact center to be more accessible to customers?
  • What insights or tools do your agents need to make their jobs easier?
  • Which new technologies can help ease customer and agent pain points?
  • Are there tools or solutions that can help you measure and reach your metrics and KPIs?

The answers to all the questions above will help you narrow your search and build out a detailed action plan that transforms you contact center and the contact center customer experiences it’s able to provide.

How to achieve a superior contact center customer experience

Earlier this year, we shared insights about how digital transformation can improve your contact center journey where we highlighted how the right channels, technology, and data could improve your overall business and bring the results you want.

As technology continues to develop, more and more traditional call centers are deciding to move to the cloud to:

  • Enable agents to work from home
  • Introduce new, more relevant communication channels
  • Provide agents with a central place for all customer queries and information
  • Implement AI technology to automate customer support
  • Equip contact center managers with the right insight to make data-driven decisions

To help you get started with your digital transformation journey, we’ve put together a guide comprised of industry-leader interviews, consumer data-driven analysis, and cutting-edge market studies so you can turn your call center into an omnichannel, remote-friendly, cloud-based contact center to:

  • make the most of today’s advantageous agent-centric work from home capabilities
  • enjoy a healthy ROI on contact center digital transformation
  • increase overall contact center customer satisfaction
Oct 6th, 2020
3 min read