How Using Mobile for Customer Communication Can Save Your Business

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Tomislav Krevzelj

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Right now, humanity is facing a challenge unique to any point in our history – a time of social distancing in an era during which we have never been more social. Fortunately, this is also a time in which technology allows us to be remotely social by helping us stay engaged with friends, family, and just about anyone else, anywhere else.

We are living in a time when even governments and healthcare organizations are facing the challenge of quickly and efficiently keeping people informed and up to date, at massive scale. Businesses, regardless of their size, are no exception to this challenge. Keeping customers instantly informed is just as – if not more – important at this time as any other.

Mobile as a critical customer information channel

In order to get critical service information out there and read by your customers as fast as possible, mobile is proven as the quickest delivery system for urgent notifications and alerts. Businesses that aren’t already, need to start taking advantage of mobile as a communications channel to reach their customers in order to keep running during this time of isolation.

Just as important as the ability to notify is to be notified by customers of any issues they encounter – making channels that enable convenient two-way communication between customers and your business a must-have.

Keep customers calm and business running

A communication platform service solves all of these needs. A CPaaS platform provides businesses a wide range of popular communication channels that customers are already using at any given time, such as chat apps, email, SMS, and calls.

The ability of these channels to interoperate within a CPaaS ensures that messages get delivered by way of mutual failover. If sending a message over a chat app to a customer fails, then the same message is sent over a failover channel such as SMS, ensuring the customer will be informed.

Communication is a two-way street, and customers will need to reach out to businesses for support. Doing this when most contact centers have reduced staff due to the COVID-19 outbreak is challenging – and this is where a cloud contact center solution can help.

Cloud contact centers only need an agent with a laptop and internet connection to work from any location just about anywhere in the world. This lets businesses keep contact centers staffed even during lockdown, and able to address customer support queries on just about any channel.

Agent workloads still need to be managed, of course. One way of helping manage agent workloads is by letting chatbots handle frequently asked questions, or have AI chatbots deal with slightly more complex queries. This frees up agents, letting them focus on more demanding customer support issues that can’t be handled by a chatbot.

Putting it in practice

Keeping your food delivery business running

People need to eat even in lockdown – and one way of doing this is by ordering in. This helps people working from home to stay productive, while also supporting businesses working hard to make it through these challenging times.

Quick communication is critical in food delivery. Well-timed messages keep your customers updated throughout the ordering process, from meal preparation to meal pickup and delivery to their door – customers like to be kept in the loop.

Modern messaging enables accelerated onboarding. Using WhatsApp, they can quickly sign up and finish the registration process, for example, as well as use the channel to get instant answers to any questions they may have. Messaging also helps manage and coordinate delivery fleets to ensure optimal pickup and delivery times to make sure everything is running smoothly.

how to use WhatsApp for food delivery during outbreak

Updating passengers in real time

Travel can be unpredictable at the best of times – gate changes, boarding delays, and cancellations can all happen even without the challenges we face right now. And the challenges we presently face mean fewer planes, trains, and buses spaced further apart.

With travel options severely limited, any remaining travel-related information is absolutely critical. Because of this, high delivery with a series of failover channels is an absolute must-have.

Having the proper information delivered on time lets customers traveling with you plan accordingly and service information delivered to their mobile devices helps them to do this. This will be appreciated by them now, and in the future when things, hopefully, return to normal.

How Infobip helps

Even at this uniquely challenging time, we have the infrastructure and expertise to help you deliver all your critical messages, alerts, and notifications to keep your customers instantly informed, calm, and safe.

Talk to our experts to see how we can help you keep your business running and your customers happy.

Mar 26th, 2020
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Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Tomislav Krevzelj

Senior Content Marketing Specialist