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How Visual SMS Data Insights can Improve CX

How Visual SMS Data Insights can Improve CX

It’s time for customer-focused businesses to visualize their SMS data – and optimize their customer experience.

Automated SMS messaging is in many ways the most modern and relevant business communication tool out there.

It’s by far and away the best way to connect with unlimited numbers of audience members at specific times and in specific moments. Why? Because (almost) everyone has a phone and (almost) everyone reads their messages as they come in.

But let’s be honest. SMS can seem like an old-fashioned, analog channel. It’s been around for a quarter of a century and has barely changed in that time.

What’s more, SMS doesn’t yield data so readily as apps or web experiences. As a consequence, many businesses have struggled to optimize their customer experience.

But here’s the thing. The world of business SMS messaging may seem like a data desert, but deep wells of insights have always been there — just under the surface.

You just need the right tools and expertise to extract them.

How SMS data visualization tools help

That’s where data visualization comes in.

Being able to collect and understand messaging data is crucial for businesses that want to connect with audiences more empathetically.

With the right visual dashboards and help from the right messaging partners, it should be easy to uncover patterns and meaning you can act upon – even if you’re a data novice.

You should be able to filter large swathes of messaging data by a multitude of factors such as date, shortcodes, account IDs, customer segments, and whether a message was read or not.

The right dashboards will help you answer questions such as:

  • Who are my customers?
  • Who is and isn’t responding to this message?
  • What are they most interested in?
  • What’s leading them to engage?
  • Which keywords are working?
  • Who is filling out our surveys?
  • Who is entering our competition more than once?
  • What stands out here?
  • What’s the best time to send particular messages?
  • Why are messages to certain phones and carriers failing?
  • What’s the most effective campaign?
  • What’s the most effective price?
  • How many times can we send messages until they send a stop back?

When you get your head around the right data points, you can collate campaign results to reveal powerful insights.

You might work out that if you send X number of offers, you’ll receive Y number of redemptions.

Or you might send a notice out about a service issue and see X reduction in support calls as a result.

Why messaging data dashboards must be simple

The crucial point is that data must be easy to understand for everyone involved in messaging and customer experience.

Whether that’s a brand manager wanting to learn about customer purchase behavior, an operations manager looking to optimize deliveries, or a customer service assistant tasked with making sure a crucial product withdrawal notice gets to every buyer.

The RCS data opportunity

If you keep up with mobile messaging news, you’ll know all about the data opportunity that RCS Business Messaging presents for your company.

RCS is SMS 2.0 — a new video-rich, interactive messaging format being rolled out across the world. It delivers an app-like experience to messaging inboxes.

RCS also delivers a wealth of data insights — including the tracking of on-screen actions by consumers. This is going to change mobile messaging forever.

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