How You Can Use MMS to Offer A Better Customer Experience

Remember MMS? When it was introduced back in the early 2000s, it was ground-breaking to be able to send multimedia via a text message. But there’s a common misconception that MMS hasn’t evolved much since then. You might think of it as just texting with pictures – but there is far more that MMS can do.

Beyond being able to send images, MMS can carry videos, GIFs, weblinks, previews, and even promotional offers with built-in expiry dates for time-sensitive messages. And it does all this while still boasting the same benefits as SMS – affordable, high reach, and high open rates.

It’s worth considering how this flexible messaging platform can deliver more engagement, better customer experiences, and greater ROI for local brands that want to stand out from the crowd.

Proof of delivery

We’re all getting more packages delivered to our homes right now. And the trend is here to stay, according to KPMG, which predicts an acceleration in online channel growth as people commit to online purchases even as lockdowns slowly abate.

If you’re out and about and not home to sign for it, the fate of a package can rely entirely on where the driver leaves it. So, imagine the relief a customer would feel at receiving an MMS showing exactly where a package had been left in their house or building.

This confirms delivery and safe storage of the product and proves to the customer that you go the extra mile by making their experience with you easier.

Coupons and meal offers

Restaurants were some of the most agile respondents to the pandemic. Many switched to delivery and takeaway quickly, continuing to provide good food to people even during difficult circumstances.

To keep people in the loop about operations, many had customers opt-in for SMS to stay updated about changed seating, menus, and opening hours.

With customer phone numbers on the books already and permission to contact customers received, using MMS to offer coupons and savings on meals alongside pictures, videos, and GIFs lets you engage with dedicated customers in a fun and immersive way.

A picture of a delicious meal could even cause an impulse dinner order, while a short video that outlines new regulations or offerings is an easy way to educate customers on essential changes.

Promotions and sales

Staying in touch with customers is always important, and SMS is the first port of call for many retailers looking to engage with customers. MMS can take this engagement one step further.

The ability of MMS to carry expanded word limits and include links allows retailers to offer promotions on items, driving and tracking conversions from your messages. Accompanying hero images really create a sense of urgency and showcase your offering.

For a customer, seeing the goods increases appeal and MMS means you don’t have to rely on customers making their way to your website or store to check you out. You can come to them, making MMS another crucial step in the post-COVID recovery phase for retailers.

Customer support and resolutions

The ability to include a variety of media types in a message makes MMS a powerful tool for customer support.

Imagine how a customer would feel if they could send or receive a picture in a message to make their interaction easier? The ease of sending a picture that shows the error they’re getting when using an app or website, or an image of the router or modem that they use when trying to sort out an internet issue. Likewise, a quick video of water damage or the damage caused by a fallen tree on a property could make filing an insurance claim all the easier.

This quick snap cuts minutes off a phone call or eliminates the need for a call taking place at all and ensures that the details of the complaint or issue are correct – all increasing customer satisfaction and smoothing out CX pain points.


MMS is here already, but it’s an underrated and underutilized tool.

It builds on all the positives of SMS and offers a range of extra functionality that makes it a well-rounded marketing channel. Images, videos, GIFs, and a larger character count make MMS a worthy addition to any customer communication strategy.

Aug 5th, 2020
3 min read