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Infobip and PubNub: Add SMS to Your Application with a Single Block of Code

Infobip and PubNub: Add SMS to Your Application with a Single Block of Code

Use this integration to add SMS to your apps with only one block of code.


We have integrated with PubNub, a secure global Data Stream Network (DSN) and real-time infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company that offers APIs for building secure real-time Mobile, Web and IoT apps.

The Infobip platform offers PubNub users the ability to scale communications features globally, building a partnership that will simplify the process of creating apps that can communicate with customers in real time, anywhere in the world. Whenever an app needs to communicate over SMS, connecting directly to the Infobip API will help developers build this capability with ease.

PubNub’s global data stream network has expanded to multiple data centers, located in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. With over 75 SDKs for every platform and a guaranteed data transfer time of 250ms, their platform is serving over 300 million devices and streaming more than 750 billion messages per month.

Building out a PubNub function with Infobip SMS API

By integrating with PubNub, we are simplifying the development process when adding a communication layer over SMS to any application. We developed the PubNub SMS function, a standalone piece of code, which can be reused across different PubNub applications for sending SMS messages. This function enables delivering standard PubNub messages as SMS.

The streamlined coding process allows developers to prioritize their time on building new and exciting features, rather than spending time learning Infobip APIs, writing and troubleshooting custom API calling outside of the PubNub ecosystem.

How to get started

Our SMS function is now a part of PubNub functions, available over PubNub blocks catalog. The function subscribes to a custom channel, listens to incoming message payloads and sends them as SMS messages.

To get started you need to have a valid Infobip and a PubNub account. After checking the validity of your accounts, you are ready for installing the Infobip function, which can be found on the PubNub marketplace.

After the installation, you will just need to update the code of the function with your Infobip credentials and you will be ready to start publishing PubNub messages that will be delivered as SMS.

Now you have all the info to get started, so start building out your communications today.

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