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Infobip is a Stable Force Inside the Tornado

Infobip is a Stable Force Inside the Tornado

Our industry is in a state of flux. Mergers, acquisitions, and IPOs are reshaping the competitive landscape—and we think it is a good thing.

What mergers really mean for the mobile messaging industry and its customers

A2P messaging industry seems to be in a state of flux. Mergers, acquisitions, and IPOs are reshaping the competitive landscape—and we think it’s a good thing. Mergers signal a maturing market and a new phase of innovation on the horizon. However, they also mean risks for both the companies and their customers: possible disruption of day-to-day business while the after effects of the merger fall out.

Big changes, big distractions?

There is a significant adjustment period after any merger that can slow growth and innovation. Regardless of industry, but especially for tech companies, mergers can take months to years to achieve the promised efficiency and growth. In the interim—as the companies merge technologies, cultures, people, and processes—customers may face uncertainty and possibly even service issues.

Mergers destabilize the new company for months or years

Two companies can’t merge and begin to act as a single company overnight. It takes time. The transition from two companies to a new one can be a challenging time. People wonder if they will have a new job, if they will have a new boss, will the project they’ve been working on be canceled, will the company culture change. Customers might find themselves with new account managers who can find it difficult to understand their needs. 

Leadership changes, departures, new strategies, integration headaches, and new product portfolios means customers can get left out in the cold. No one likes to talk about the effect on customers, but while the new company is trying to get its own house in order, customers bear the brunt of integration problems and staff turnover.

Mergers delay product launches and hamper innovation

Mergers are supposed to help spark new products and innovation, but that never happens right away. Merger upheaval puts product development and launches on hold while new priorities are sorted out. Eventually innovation will take off, but it could take years before new products start to emerge from the pipeline.

Product delays impact customers who count on new product features to roll out on schedule. What happens when the feature a customer needs is delayed or canceled? What should a customer do then? Wait or look for alternatives?

But, mergers are a sign of a maturing industry

Mature industries have a few dominant players who dictate the direction of the entire industry. GM, Ford, and Toyota; Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung, together they set the tone and direction for their sectors. As a market begins to mature, the major players in a sector look for new ways to grow and expand and often they buy smaller companies to do that—which is exactly what we’re seeing now in the cPaaS market.

Mobile messaging is maturing and moving towards a few leading companies who will all offer the same basic services, but are differentiated from each other by sector expertise, value proposition, and customer service. The mobile messaging industry isn’t mature yet, but it’s coming and this recent round of mergers and acquisitions is just the beginning of what is to come over the next few years.

Clear direction and product pipeline

Infobip has built one of the world’s largest mobile messaging with over 350 direct connections to MNOs, and that won’t change. Our award-winning products have clear direction and pipelines. We are always learning, always innovating developing the best products in the industry and having fun doing it.

We believe to build seamless interactions between businesses and people, you have to control and understand every part of the messaging ecosystem. That’s why we work with the fundamental telecom protocols (such as SS7) and built mGate and sGate for MNOs to help them manage the exploding A2P industry. We help the biggest social networks and OTTs connect with and support their users with SMS verification and 2FA solution. We offer our customers stringent SLAs and exceptional service, which we can guarantee because we own and built the technologies on the global telecom worldwide network.

Reliable messaging is essential today, but to do that the channel must be secure from end to end. We run and operate our own infrastructure and have data centers distributed in 6 locations around the world to insure our customers have the best possible messaging infrastructure. There is no one between our customers and their users who can compromise security and quality. We own the channel. We own the network and we guarantee results.

By the time you’ve finished reading this post, we’ve deployed six new updates to our system, without service interruptions or downtime. Continuous improvement, updates, and upgrades provides the best messaging infrastructure for our customers and their users. 

In addition to our messaging services, we offer voice, OTT integrations (through chat APIs), MNO solutions, push messaging platform, and some amazing products which we will launch soon. More than an SMS company, Infobip is an end-to-end, omnichannel messaging company. We have a complete messaging product line with global reach that is accessible to a wide range of companies.

Our customers are our priority

Our whole organization is committed to creating a great experience and building better services for a seamless interaction of businesses and people. We didn’t grow to over 200,000 customers around the world overnight. We built the company one customer at a time delivering superior results based on solid technology. We have support staff around the world helping customers get the most out of their messaging campaigns. Our account managers are subject matter experts on mobile messaging and help customers find the best solution for their needs. From people on the ground in countries around the world to the insight as one of the largest messaging providers, we provide the best solutions and support of anyone in the industry.

Without customers, you have no company. We are in the business of helping our customers succeed. Their success is our success. We work closely with all our customers to deliver the right solution tailored to their needs. There is no cookie-cutter approach to mobile messaging on a global scale. Every customer has unique needs and challenges, and we meet those needs each and every time.

Infobip: Founder built, founder run

Infobip started in 2006 with three friends with an idea—we wanted to make it easier for businesses to communicate and engage with people. Those same friends still run Infobip and every day we share our passion and vision with everyone at the company. We see how the landscape is changing and are already adapting our business to meet new challenges. We are growing and expanding to meet the next phase of mobile messaging technology.

And believe me, the next phase is very exciting.

At Infobip we are focused on offering the best global messaging solutions in the industry. We have a stellar team around the world who share the same vision as I do and we have our sights set on achieving great things. I believe that stable leadership leads to stable a product pipeline, a unified direction for the entire company, and better support for our customers. Across Infobip, we are working together to provide the best mobile solutions paired with the best support and developer knowledge in the industry. No distractions. No deviations. Focus on great products. Focus on supporting our customers. Focus on excellence in everything we do.

We believe the secret weapon at any successful company is its culture. Over time you build the processes, expertise, and a product portfolio that create value for customers and leadership in the industry, but it’s the company culture that fuels innovation and pushes employees to achieve the amazing, the unimaginable, the unbelievable. 

Think about the Golden State Warriors, after 40 years of being an also-ran in the NBA, they are poised (again) to win another NBA Championship. They exemplify that it’s not just talented players who make a winning team, it’s their culture that puts them at the top of the league. Leicester City in the Premier League brought the team their first championship in 128 years—by some measures it was the greatest sporting upset ever—by having a winning team culture not just great players. Success comes from building the culture of success. The strength of your team propels you to achieve more than you could alone.

In our industry you can buy companies for their technology, mimic their business models and strategy, but you cannot copy their company culture. You cannot just copy what you see outside and achieve the same success—it’s what’s inside the walls that matters most.

From the start, Infobip has been more of a movement than a company.  We are a company built by group of people who dream big and wanted to create an exciting, innovative company. During our journey, I’ve seen great people come and join us—many of them had no experience in mobile messaging—and who together have created the world’s best team in mobile services. Culture. Drive. A spirit of innovation. You can’t teach those things. People either have them or they don’t and our people have them in spades.

Every day we challenge ourselves to offer the best technology and experience for our customers. That’s what created our culture and our company, something which will always remain at the heart of what we do.

Stability, Vision, Leadership

Infobip is here for the long haul. As one of the oldest companies in the industry, we’ve seen the industry grow and evolve from simple person-to-person messaging to a complex application- and business-to-person communications ecosystem. These are exciting times and Infobip will deliver reliable communications technologies with industry-leading service to our customers now and into the future. 

I’d love to hear from you about what you think about the changing state of the mobile messaging industry and learning how you see messaging evolving in the future.

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