Inside Infobip: How Engineers Are Redefining IT Support

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Jami Kelmenson

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IT Support. What does this term mean to you? Is it a roomful of people answering phone calls and dealing directly with customers? Are they following some strict set of guidelines or script? Do they have flexibility in terms of what they can offer?

To tell you the truth, Infobip’s IT support isn’t exactly what people expect. For one thing, it’s very quiet (more about this later). On the other hand, it’s very fast-paced. So, to help you understand, let’s break it down in terms of who we are and what we do in the land currently known as Core Operations.

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How do we define Core Operations at Infobip?

Core Operations (Core Ops) at Infobip is the combination of client-oriented and platform-oriented functions. Our five teams are set up by region, specialization, and product, and are completely enabled to cover all aspects of either client or platform operations.

With more than 230 Core Ops employees and counting, located across 15 offices worldwide, our Core Ops teams are structured to be “always-on” – 24/7/365. Because our clients never stop, we don’t either.

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How are we organized?

Our client-oriented functions are handled within the following two teams:

1. Customer Care

Since this is the team I lead, I’m well versed in our day-to-day functions, which include:

  • Helping our customers with the integration and understanding of our APIs
  • Resolving everyday requests, from technical glitches to sophisticated troubleshooting
  • Helping customers grow and improve general cooperation between us (i.e., processes, know-how, and knowledge)

Customer Care team members are included in various other company and product initiatives, such as WhatsApp and Voice, in order to see the big picture, which is necessary to meet the full spectrum of customer needs at Infobip.

2. Enterprise Solutions

This team is smaller in number, but by no means any less important. They are part of our client-facing team performing the customer care tasks detailed above, and specialized by vertical, such as banking & finance, or product, such as Infobip’s mGate – a fully-customizable, global business gateway providing enterprises with complete messaging capability. They are responsible for systems integration, scripting, and database knowledge.

3. Core Performance

Through 28 data centers worldwide, this team monitors, adjusts, and enables our platform – ensuring stability and an uninterrupted flow of traffic. Our Core Performance team thrives on fast and efficient communication with our development and networking teams, fierce attention to details, swift reactions, and extensive knowledge of how our platform works.

4. Core Connectivity

This team is in charge of establishing and maintaining all of our 800+ Mobile Network Operator (MNO) connections supporting HTTP, SMPP, and SIP, among many other protocols.

5. Core Administration and Registration

The amount of transactions conducted through our platform requires strict attention to the details concerning input-output data. This dedicated team ensures compliance with rules, regulations, and client requirements. They are trained in the use of various tools and computer languages, such as SQL and DDL, which enable them to set proper rules and make things function.

What makes us different?

Having joined the company in 2012 and risen through the ranks within Core Operations (including Enterprise Solutions Engineer and Specialist) to the Head of Customer Care (see Team #1 above), here’s what I believe sets us apart from other companies:

  • Our atmosphere fosters relationship-building between people.
  • A diversity of knowledge that gets shared makes us stronger together than on our own.
  • Our international reach makes us adept at solving problems across geographic barriers.
  • Together with interesting clients who challenge us daily, we are pushed to constantly learn, innovate, and change.

To this end, some of the values we nurture are:

  • Knowledge sharing as a constant
  • Assistance can be given to and received from any person regardless of their team, rank, position, and/or experience level
  • An instant, 360° feedback culture between all members
  • Helpfulness is key and no person is left behind

The Secret to our Success: Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge within each team may vary – from having great analytical skills to mastering code connection scripts in Java, and from writing SQL stored procedures to thriving on problem-solving and troubleshooting. Whether your interests are developing leadership skills, such as coaching, and stress- and time-management, or specializing in technical areas, such as databases, product knowledge, network protocols, and scripting and coding – there are various career paths within Core Operations, as well as at Infobip overall, that may resonate.

Why it’s so quiet in Core Ops

I mentioned earlier that Core Ops at Infobip isn’t always what people expect. For one thing, our phone rarely rings, and this is why:

  • Our client structure is enterprise-oriented — we deal with personnel at various brands, not their users. Our people expertise and short resolution time for handling email enquiries make phone calls practically obsolete. Besides that, cases usually require information sharing which is much easier to process over email or chat.
  • Through our Network Operations Center (NOC), we monitor and receive alerts about possible irregularities and disruption based on anomaly detection. This keeps us constantly on our toes, proactively resolving issues. In many cases, we get this done before our clients even know there are issues.
  • We’re in the business of enabling enterprises to interact with their customers over their preferred channels. For many, that’s no longer Voice. We help our clients do precisely what they want us to help them do for their customers – ensure satisfaction quickly and efficiently.

So, now that you know the ins and outs of Core Operations at Infobip, why not check out our open positions? From Core Operations Engineers in India to Customer Care Technicians in Croatia, we’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge and learning from you.

Nov 22nd, 2019
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Content Marketing Expert

Jami Kelmenson

Content Marketing Expert