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Interacting in troubled times

As I write to you this quarter, I must acknowledge the time of pain and destruction we are living through in Europe and across the world. Our hearts are with all those in Ukraine impacted by these horrifying events. The Infobip team and I long for the restoration of peace everywhere. You can read our statement regarding Ukraine here

Global events over the past few years have forced companies like ours to reflect on our roles in the world. At Infobip, it’s become increasingly clear that our global communications platform has assumed an importance far beyond everyday customer interactions.  

Whether it’s used to keep people informed of news and events in times of upheaval, to promote more informed conversations about Covid-19, or to facilitate vaccinations, we know our platform has the power to impact lives. Business-consumer interactions remain crucial at all times, but facilitating contact between communities and public bodies is also part of our mission.  

In times of disruption, communication innovation becomes even more important. It might help keep supply chains functioning, it might connect local organizations and people, it might ensure the reliable delivery of critical information from public sources.  

Our platform facilitates many different types of communications, on many different channels and networks. If circumstances render one network or channel unusable, others are always available.   

In 2021, as the pandemic took hold, many websites were overwhelmed and many call centers were unstaffed. But people around the world were able to say “Hi” to a free, publicly available number, and begin a dialogue with a WhatsApp chatbot that let them access accurate, up-to-the-minute information about Covid, 24/7.  

We will always keep pushing to ensure communication is easier and smarter so that everyone stays connected. For us, conversational AI represents the next huge communications shift. This is a form of automated communication that gives organizations and the people they serve far more freedom to communicate in an intuitive and human way – at scale. 

Since Infobip’s beginnings in 2006, our mission has been to provide accessible, innovative communication solutions that facilitate frictionless interactions between organizations and people. Every business has a role to play in difficult times. We know this is ours.