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Is SMS Part of Your Mobile Messaging Strategy? It Should Be [Infographic]

Is SMS Part of Your Mobile Messaging Strategy? It Should Be [Infographic]

SMS supports ecommerce like no other channel, so why aren't you using it?

SMS might be the most effective mobile messaging tool you can use to optimize and enhance customer experience and eCommerce purchases. SMS? Really? Yes, really, and here are a few reasons why (plus an infographic containing even more reasons).

SMS messages are read

How many unread emails do you have right now? How about apps with unread notifications? If you’re a typical smartphone user you probably have a lot of unread notifications and emails—except for your texts. Chances are you read an SMS as soon as it arrived, at least within three minutes, because 95% of people read their texts that quickly. If you want someone to read something, like a reminder they have items left in their cart or a login PIN or important update, SMS wins hands down.

SMS messages are clicked

From click rates (19% click rate for SMS vs 2.71% for email) to the 6-8x response rates to SMS or the fact that 50% of people who get a branded SMS got on to make a purchase, if you want people to take action, you can’t beat SMS.

SMS drives purchases

If a shopper comes to your online store and leaves before buying anything, a simple text to remind them there are items in their cart gets them back to finish. Retailers have found that 21% of shoppers will return and purchase after they get a reminder SMS and those who return; they buy 50% more. Sounds like a good deal for just 160 characters.

SMS keeps people informed

When you buy something online you can’t wait to get it. You want to know when it’s shipped. You want to know where the package is. You want to know when it gets to your house. If you want to keep customers up to date on their purchases, a simple SMS does the job. And if you let people respond to the SMS (using 2-Way SMS tools) with questions, you increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

Need more information? Check this out

We’ve prepared this handy infographic with all the data you need. When you look at how well SMS as a service performs versus other mobile channels, and learn about all the ways SMS can drive your business, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.



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