Messaging in CRM Systems: Can You Disregard SMS-driven Engagement?

These days, big data is changing how companies understand consumers and it’s fuelling new types of consumer driven engagement. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems represent a key to unlocking these processes for modern companies, giving them the possibility of using their most important business asset – consumer information.

According to Gartner, companies that fail to implement a true data management and interaction strategy will lose out on a 25% increase in potential new revenue. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that companies around the world are striving to design and implement optimal CRM-based campaigns and programs, aiming to reach and engage their customers across channels and devices.

Implementing professional SMS capability to a CRM system can unlock opportunities and put to good use various consumer data that companies worked so hard to collect. It allows enterprises to engage consumers on the one device that never leaves their side – the mobile phone.

SMS messaging in CRM: Making anyone reachable

98% of all SMS messages are looked at and read within an average of five minutes. That puts SMS messaging at the top of the mobile customer engagement chain. Thanks to all the investment, and developments of messaging platforms in recent years, SMS functionality is now much easier to implement into any IT environment. It has also been bundled with a variety of related services that improve its performance in enterprise IT systems, CRM included.

The number lookup service, performed silently before a message is triggered from the system, can not only optimize costs and improve accuracy, it can have a considerable impact on conversion and campaign success.

It’s not hard to understand why. Sending to inactive, roaming or otherwise unavailable numbers decreases campaign effectiveness and negatively impacts ROI by directing a message to those that will not receive it, or will receive it at a higher price than planned. With a functional number lookup service in place, the information on mobile number availability and status is within easy reach and can be used to boost different types of CRM-based projects.

Serving different funnel stages and nurturing programs

Messaging integration combined with CRM data can result in endless possibilities for high-end consumer conversion thanks to previously collected user behavior data.

SMS capability for CRM systems allows for a number of notifications and engagement options to be added. It can serve different funnel stages and nurturing programs, and combine with other channels to achieve top efficiency of CRM activities.

Messaging automation can seamlessly fit into CRM-based sales processes. By tracking user activities and lead scoring over CRM, various messaging events can be automatically triggered depending on client behavior. Based on this data, SMS nurturing programs, offers or discounts can be offered at just the right time, increasing sales and lead conversion.

A company can easily program their system to send scheduled or customized SMS messages, plan campaigns, and adapt them to particular audiences or even individual recipients – all by seamlessly integrating Infobip SMS technologies with any CRM software. It is the simplest, most unintrusive method to engage current and future customers with automated messaging, and comes with full performance and user behavior breakdown.

Reliable partnership for extended reach

For enterprise-grade service, businesses need a partner they can rely on. Our robust and reliable SMS platform provides high quality coverage of over 800 networks in more than 190 countries, with continuous in-house development and 24/7 tech support in 10+ languages, boasting industry-leading response times We’ve made it our priority to develop a comprehensive SMS API designed to quickly integrate with developer resources.

Nov 24th, 2015
3 min read