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A2P MMS: More Than Just Picture Messages

A2P MMS: More Than Just Picture Messages

Discover the differences between A2P (application-to-person) MMS and SMS

If you have a smartphone you may well have used MMS to share images with friends.

But you may not be aware that MMS is great for business messaging (otherwise known as A2P messaging).

So here are a few of the lesser-known features of MMS business messaging that separate it from SMS business messaging.

Multiple multimedia file formats

Picture messages are a defining feature of MMS, but there’s more to it than that. You can send images, (short) videos and GIFs. Not to mention audio clips.

Picture messages are a popular way of sharing coupons, vouchers, and other marketing-related offers. But brands have been getting innovative with their use cases in recent years. From personalized product showcases to QR codes that act as temporary store cards (for those times when your customer forgets to bring their card shopping).

The bottom line is: don’t stop at coupons. Think of fresh ways to use pictures, and experiment with the other multimedia formats MMS unlocks.

Weblinks and previews

Sending web links via text message is common practice – SMS is a great way to kick-start a journey and direct consumers online where they can buy a product or redeem an offer.

With the multimedia elements of MMS, you can make web links more clickable. Accompanying images and video thumbnails are much more appealing than a simple text URL.

One of our clients in the fashion industry has seen MMS achieve click-through rates of 30% or more and 20x ROI.

Expiry dates for time-sensitive messages

SMS messages will sit in your customer’s inboxes indefinitely. That’s great for some campaigns, but when it comes to time-sensitive alerts or limited offers, you need greater control.

MMS gives you that control, with the option of adding an expiry date to your message. This self-destruct feature adds a sense of urgency to your offers and ensures messages don’t outlive their relevance.

Subject lines

One subtle but effective feature of MMS is the ability to add a subject line. It’s something every email user is familiar with, so you might not even realize you’ve experienced it as an MMS recipient. But subject lines are a great way to frame your communications and guide the user’s eye, especially in longer or multimedia messages.

Keep exploring

That’s our whistle-stop tour over. Now you know how MMS takes the features of SMS to the next level.

You also know there’s way more to MMS than picture messaging. (We didn’t even get to cover other features like contact cards and bigger character counts.)

Want to explore MMS further?