SMS marketing tech: A how-to guide for marketers

Need to run a professional SMS campaign, but you’re not sure about the tools and technologies you’ve been considering? You’re worried about implementation, costs, mobile numbers procurement, technology complexities? Large scale SMS campaigns have specific technical requirements, so it’s useful to know what exactly makes for a successful 2-Way SMS setup.

1. Easy implementation and use

In today’s age of cloud solutions, you don’t need massive equipment to get advanced tech capabilities. And thanks to new developments in A2P and P2A SMS systems, implementation of 2-Way SMS campaigns got much easier. First of all, you can get an easy to operate web interface – to set up, monitor and manage SMS campaigns of any scale with maximum ease.

Also, there’s no need to get involved in complex procedures to obtain the full professional 2-Way SMS capacity. Make sure that short codes and virtual long numbers procurement, setup and billing are all covered in the option you’re using, as well as consultancy on SMS regulation and full 24/7 technical support. Having all this handled by a specialized provider can save you lots of time and money.

2. Top delivery, service level guarantees

Stable, redundant infrastructure is the best guarantee for top delivery rates and speed, regardless of the SMS volumes you’ll be sending and receiving. Make sure to ask about independent quality and security certifications, as well as some clear service level guarantees.

SMS messages reception and delivery should be impeccable, and this can only be provided by companies closely connected with telecoms. These companies have proprietary infrastructure and deep knowledge of A2P technologies, and invested significant development assets to adapt them for particular uses.

You might also need broader coverage, if you wish to run SMS campaigns in several countries. If you can do this through a single point of contact, it means a considerable reduction in time and resources spent, and shorter time to market.

3. Customization

Each marketer is different, and at some point you might specify certain unique requirements, as your SMS campaigns develop and grow larger. Maybe you’ll need a slight modification of features – one of which could make a huge difference, or result in smoother processes. For this reason, it’s good to have a partner that offers enough flexibility to accommodate your particular needs.

4. SMS-specific functions

Like any other communications technology, SMS has its specifics. For professional, large-scale performance, a number of well-developed tools and options are needed. These include automated opt-out options, auto-responses, advanced scheduling, expiry etc. The full range of professional options should also include live reporting, analytics and graphical presentation of SMS campaigns results.

Jan 13th, 2015
2 min read