Partnering to Speed up the Pace of Digital Transformation with Microsoft

There is an accurate saying: two heads are better than one. When working towards a common goal, like creating better customer experiences or connecting worlds, two businesses can create more value for their clients together.

Microsoft Dynamics helps companies align their sales and marketing teams as well as offers tools for seamless and personal customer experiences, and Infobip enables the spread of those targeted messages through omnichannel capabilities.

In today’s world of multiple screens and multiple touchpoints, an uninterrupted experience depends heavily on multiple communication channels, how they integrate, and if the customer can connect with a brand quickly.

The rise of omnichannel communications is a direct result of customer-centric thinking. Customers want to engage with companies through the channel they use most, and in some cases, it can be multiple channels. Customers also want to feel valued, and a part of that is personalization and relevant communication flows.

Both Microsoft and we at Infobip, wanted to use our cross-continental and cross-industry experience to create solutions that help our clients create better value and experiences for their customers. This common goal has led to a strategic partnership with businesses and end-customers at its core, and we are just starting

Thanks to our partnership with Microsoft, we are able to take a giant leap forward in achieving our mission of connecting businesses with people through technology. By combining the world-wide popularity of Dynamics 365 with our global omnichannel reach, we are able to help businesses build personal relationships with their customers, no matter where they are in the world, across any device. Our partnership will help businesses to simplify the complexity of digital transformation, and we look forward to the possibilities and value we can create together, globally

Veselin Vukovic

VP of Strategic Partnerships, Infobip

Increasing the pace of digital transformation for the customers across the globe is the essence of the partnership between Microsoft and Infobip. Enabling omnichannel communication in today’s complex business environments is our joint vision and I’m looking forward to further explorations of the capabilities we’re jointly bringing to the market. Worldwide presence and amazing transformational capabilities that are presented in both Microsoft and Infobip have fueled this partnership from the beginning. Since we have started building our relationship, we’ve already recognized many benefits of our joint market approach – and for us, this represents a true strategic partnership.

Marianne Roling

General Manager Small Medium Solutions and Partners CEE, Microsoft

Dec 13th, 2019
2 min read