Q&A with Data Consult: A Deep Dive into a Successful System Integrator Partnership

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Razan Saleh

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Digital transformation has caused numerous trends in costumer expectations, resulting in new communication developments that businesses must follow or risk being left behind. Today, many businesses seek partnerships with digital transformation leaders that can provide a holistic customer experience solution and help them develop an impactful presence in a new functional area or market segment.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Jana Timani, Deputy General Manager at Data Consult, one of Infobip’s leading system integrator partners in the MENA region. During the interview, Ms. Jana shared insights about their partnership with Infobip and how meeting rising customer expectations for great digital experiences is essential in gaining a competitive edge in the ICT industry.

Q: Would you mind giving us an introduction and some background on Data Consult?

Data Consult was founded in 1991, with its headquarters based in Lebanon. Since its inception, the company has delivered integrated solutions, allowing its clients to focus more on their core business objectives while handling all their IT and infrastructure. We offer solution design and integration, managed services, and digital innovation to a wide range of industries, including healthcare, educational institutions, industrial, financial, and governmental.

As pioneers in adopting and deploying technology trends, our goals have evolved towards digitally transforming businesses to focus on growth and client engagement. We’ve become leaders in solution design & integration, managed services, and digital innovation, servicing institutions from a wide range of sectors including healthcare, education, finance, industrial and governmental. We also built substantial expertise on system integration through partnering with prominent technology leaders.

Q: Tell us about your partnership with Infobip and why did you choose to be a system integrator partner?

One of our primary goals is to be the go-to partner for every business looking to expand its communication reach and enhance its customer experience and process automation.

To ensure providing quality service, Data Consult partners with leading technology providers and invests in building advanced technical expertise. We’re specialized in customer experience technologies which contributed to this strategic partnership with Infobip. We decided to partner with Infobip because their omnichannel customer engagement solutions perfectly complement the portfolio of our services.

Due to the recent lockdowns and the rise of remote work, businesses are now more focused on customer engagement. We realized that being present and active on different communication channels and social media messaging apps is the quickest and most relevant way to enhance customer engagement and deliver exceptional experiences.

Infobip’s omnichannel platform and customer engagement solutions enhance call center functionalities by providing a unified console that integrates with any social media messaging application.

Q: How successful has your collaboration & partnership with Infobip been so far?

Maintaining successful vendor relationships is crucial to gaining a competitive edge in the industry. Through our partnership with Infobip, we were able to add new channels and new possibilities to an on-prem call center solution, to improve customer experience and increase return on investments.

Infobip provides training and enablement materials to all team members, including sales, sales support, and professional services, to ensure successful system integration processes. This has encouraged us to grow our abilities to integrate with different solutions independently.

We work closely with Infobip during each stage of the customer journey, starting from product presentations to showing proof of concept, building customized demos, and eventually towards a successful project closure.

This synergy has ensured customer satisfaction, and among those happy customers are DP World and CFI. We also found an excellent opportunity to integrate Infobip’s CPaaS and SaaS solutions with Cisco’s Call Center. The integration mainly involved Infobip’s cloud contact center – Conversations which focuses on providing business intelligence and increasing the efficiency of client-agent interactions.

Q: The development of the digital landscape has grown exponentially in the past decades. As the industry demands continue to change, how will Data Consult address these challenges and others yet to come?

Due to the pandemic, digitization became the key to survival, and we witnessed a significant rise in online shopping, banking, and general customer interactions. Not to mention, customer expectations for better digital experiences skyrocketed as most of their transactions were happening online. Businesses that quickly adopted new communication channels for their customer support and engagement were able to maintain their activities afloat while some even thrived.

Addressing the concerns, challenges, and opportunities related to the exponential growth of digitization is a significant challenge for many businesses today. We’ve adopted a new approach in solution development and worked on innovating our services and solutions to address this.

By all means, the risk of security breaches grew exponentially. And this technological growth cannot be faced without addressing cyber security, data protection, enhancement, agility in IT environments, and the different SaaS models to choose from. Those are just some of many upcoming challenges that businesses will be facing and if they’re not prepared to address them adequately, they will most likely fall back.

The SaaS solutions offered by Infobip added more flexibility, security, and scalable integrations with social giants such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and more. In addition to an AI layer to the BOT solution which significantly improves automation.

Jana Timani

Deputy General Manager at Data Consult

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Sep 23rd, 2021
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Content Manager

Razan Saleh

Content Manager