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Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Razan Saleh

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Businesses around the region are facing unprecedented operational challenges, putting a strain on existing resources and challenging revenue models. Many companies are looking for flexible and reliable technology integrations to ensure privacy and security, achieve valuable impact, protect their reputation and brand integrity, and gain a competitive advantage.

Today, partnerships have become more vital than ever. As the economy is changing rapidly, working together toward a single goal speeds up operational processes and improves customer service and engagement. Partnerships help businesses reduce costs and operate more efficiently by giving them access to technology and other resources and concentrating on what they do best.

Choosing the right partner for your specific needs is critical to provide your organization with a significant competitive edge. So how can you find the right partner? It’s all about meeting your customers’ expectations and delivering exceptional experiences. Most businesses today are looking to create meaningful customer engagement through digital-first, omnichannel experiences. At Infobip, we offer solutions that allow companies to connect with customers and deliver scalable and dependable digital experiences.

What is our Partner Connect Program

The Infobip partnership program empowers businesses to build a core set of cloud communication solutions and channels that work together effortlessly. We help our partners monetize the omnichannel experience to improve your current offering and drive revenue generation by engaging your customers using the right message over the right channels at the right times. Adopting a holistic omnichannel experience may help your clients and their customers in several ways, including engagement, satisfaction, and optimization. We provide a scalable cloud customer experience solution with a proven track record and a product roadmap based on future communication trends.

What does it mean to partner with Infobip

Companies may grease the wheels of growth by utilizing the right skills, tools, and ideas from their strategic partner network. During the COVID-19 pandemic, movement limitations have hindered business consultations and services. And while online communication tools can help with some of these issues, they aren’t as direct or efficient as face-to-face problem-solving.

Having partners in different countries allows companies to engage with local clients and better understand their needs, pain points, and use cases. Partnerships also enhance the partners’ ability to build new business models by expanding their consulting and technological capabilities.

As a global cloud communication solutions provider, we recognize the value of partners in reaching out to new prospects, closing more business deals, and, most importantly, increasing customer satisfaction. So why partner with Infobip? Here are five reasons why you should do so:

Drive Revenue Opportunities Together

Our partnership program aims to help you grow your business and unlock new opportunities at no cost. Partnering with Infobip means opening up new avenues for growth and revenue generation, as well as providing support, resources, and other incentives. This includes bringing new solutions to your customers and providing an end-to-end omnichannel experience. With these solutions, you are more likely to win more business deals with an integrated tech stack all through a single platform.

Enrich your Customer Experience Product Stack

Through our partnership program, you’ll be able to take advantage of a worldwide, omnichannel cloud communication platform with a perfect blend of CPaaS and SaaS solutions accessible via APIs and a web interface. This means you’ll have access to:

  • An omnichannel customer engagement hub – for personalized messaging and marketing automation
  • A digital-first, cloud contact center solution – for customer care and support
  • A chatbot building platform – for always-on support
  • An extensive CPaaS solution – with multiple channels including Email, SMS, Chat Apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, line), Google Business Messaging, Voice, Video, and Mobile App Messaging – all over Infobip’s single platform.

With these solutions, you’ll be able to get a revenue share by re-selling them to your clients and monetizing the partnership through the number of engaged customers, agent licenses, and the number of communication sessions.

Global Presence with 24/7 Local support

Partnering with us implies having local support to help your clients in real-time, in their time zones, with always-on technical support. Through our global reach and an MNO network that spreads over 200 countries, we are able to connect businesses with their customers through digital services and personalized experiences at every step of the way. Our local support entails– 60+ offices on six continents, with 24/7 local commercial and engineering support.

Add Value with our Professional Services

Along with the solution integration, we provide expert consultation on maximizing your customers’ end results. You’ll be able to benefit from our professional services through us or by re-selling them yourself as a partner. Offering these services not only adds to your bottom line, but also helps you stand out to potential clients and strengthens existing relationships. And, if you’re providing the professional services, we’ll be there to support you throughout the process with full onboarding training.

Access to Co-Marketing & Training Support

Partnering with Infobip has other business benefits such as training and resources to help bring your solutions to market faster. You’ll be able to take advantage of co-marketing support and platform training at no cost. Our goal is to develop long-term connections with our partners to collaborate on high-quality projects. Expect this to be a win-win situation, where you, as a partner, will have a direct impact on the platform, and we, in turn, will empower you to drive revenue and offer scalable solutions by providing you with the required information, support, and training.

How to Become A partner?

Becoming a partner is much simpler than you think. You can benefit from the added value brought by our communication platform, learn from our experts how you can accelerate your customers’ digital transformation journey, expand your solutions portfolio, and achieve revenue growth by joining Infobip’s Partnership Connect Program. Sign up today, and let us help you get started!

Aug 17th, 2021
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Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Razan Saleh

Senior Content Marketing Specialist