Setting up 2-Way SMS Numbers is Easier Than Ever

Infobip Account Managers are the best around. They make sure their clients get the best service and advice, no matter what. And while we’re sure you love talking to your account manager and getting their latest insights into mobile communications, sometimes you’d just rather do things yourself.

It’s cool. We get it. We’re “just let me get it done” people, too. Which is why we’re always looking for ways to make the Infobip Portal better and easier to use. This week we’ve rolled out new self-service features on the portal request numbers for 2-Way SMS campaigns yourself.

Do it yourself right away

Our new self-service tool lets you pick numbers in over 50 countries, see the prices, and choose a number with only a few clicks. If you’re already set up for 2-Way SMS, then you’re all set to start your campaign! It literally only takes a minute to get going. If you’re not using 2-Way already, you just have to let your Account Manager know you’re all ready to activate the number on your account. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes either.

Need to make changes? Easy, go into the Numbers section under your Settings, find the number you need to edit, change the setting. And…done.

You can manage your number configuration based on keywords and time period. For each configuration, you can define automatic responses and blacklist or whitelist your users.

All inbound messages are immediately visible inside the Infobip Portal. Optionally, you can setup inbound message forwarding over SMPP, HTTP and Email or simply pull all your unread inbound messages.

Of course, if you have a question your Account Manager and support are here to help you, we just know that most of the time, you’d just rather do it yourself.

All built on our deep telco roots

We make this look easy. Just sign in and pick numbers from over a hundred countries for SMS and over 50 for 2-Way SMS. Seems easy, right?

But it isn’t as easy as it might seem. Over its decade in telco, Infobip has created long-term relationships with over 300 mobile operators globally. These relationships allow us to offer you, our customers, not just choice of number for your campaigns, but the reliability, delivery rates, and service to match. Because we’re completely focused on building our infrastructure, we made sure our numbers self-service is easy for you.

Continuous improvements to help you get things done

The Infobip Portal is essential to how you create and manage campaigns. We’re listening to your feedback and rolling out new features and improvements all the time. Self-service number selection is just the first of many coming soon.

We hope these new features save you time and make one thing in your job a little easier. Have feedback? We’d love to hear it. Please let us know what you think about these new features on the Portal and what improvements you’d like to see in the future.

Until then…

Happy messaging!

Dec 15th, 2016
3 min read