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SMS – The Basis of Both Customer Protection and Conversion

SMS – The Basis of Both Customer Protection and Conversion

SMS-based two-factor authentication if that one step that lies between you and free group messaging using one of the popular over-the-top apps.

If you’ve ever downloaded a messaging app, you’ve been exposed to two-factor authentication: that one step that lies between you and free group messaging using one of the popular over-the-top apps. It’s for your own good – your messaging is and should stay private, and 2-factor authentication is an efficient way to protect you from phishing attacks. Just because you’ve never experienced mobile malware doesn’t mean it’s not a thing. That’s why you need to complete that extra step before you can go on an OTT messaging spree.

Making sure SMS authentication works

But that extra step is also where errors can happen: if by any chance you enter the wrong phone number, you can never get back the SMS with the PIN number necessary to complete the installation. So what do you do? If you’re anything like 4%-8% of would-be OTT app users, you give up. You lose an excellent way to stay in touch with your friends,while the app makers lose a potential user. Having in mind the intense competition in the messaging space, this is likely to be the last thing app makers want. 

That’s where we step in: providing a global, SMS-based 2-factor authentication for messaging apps. What sets us apart from other solutions is the Number Lookup service that improves accuracy and app conversion – key points in the OTT business. Our services to messaging app providers go beyond SMS capability and address a crucial point in their business model – app conversion, i.e. turning every download into an actual user.

Validation makes a difference

With Number Lookup, if the user enters an invalid number, the app can prompt the user to try again and successfully complete the installation. It’s completely invisible to the user, running in the back of the installation as a part of the two-factor authentication, but just like so many other small details, it means a world of difference in the struggle to get and keep users.

Thanks to years in the mobile business arena, spent building relations with mobile operators worldwide, we’ve grown to be easily the world’s largest messaging network. A significant part of that network is the Number Lookup service, which provides detailed insight into mobile networks to check numbers for validity – if it’s an inexistent, unused or landline phone. And that’s what makes a huge difference to OTT providers.

A stronger 2FA solution

The benefits of SMS and Number Lookup are easily felt by any type of 2-factor user – social networks, e-commerce sites, booking sites and of course, online banking solutions, because 2FA is above all about security. And as it’s one of the foundations of our system, we take great pride in providing our clients with ways to improve both conversion and customer protection.

This is yet another perfect illustration of our wholehearted belief in SMS as the go-to, cross-platform mobile channel. With its robustness and versatility, it has grown into a technology that goes beyond person-to-person interaction and is one of the backbones of today’s mobile communications.

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