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Tackling Security Engineer Challenges with Straightforward Team Dynamics

Tackling Security Engineer Challenges with Straightforward Team Dynamics

Having a fulfilled IT career along with a healthy living & working environment is what brought Davor Serfez back to Istria.


Now, Infobip’s Pangea Campus gave him the chance to still have a fulfilled IT career…while providing his children with the same kind of healthy childhood environment that he had and loved.

Q: So, Davor – since you moved back to Rovinj, and you work in Vodnjan, you commute every day…

Davor: I’d like to interrupt you there to say that’s not really a commute – not with all the negative connotations that word has when you’re in Zagreb. Traveling from Rovinj to Vodnjan takes about 20 minutes, and it’s a relaxed drive with colleagues I carpool with, surrounded by nature, not manic shifting through multiple lanes in a sea of traffic lights.

Q: Okay, that sounds great. That must be part of why you consider Istria a good place for family life, right?

Davor: Yes, the nature and peaceful environment do play a large part in that opinion. It’s less stressful here, there are more opportunities to spend time outdoors and indulge in healthy activities, there’s the sea…and, as something that wasn’t around when I was young, there’s Infobip as a unique opportunity for professional fulfillment and growth in Croatia.

The job I got here played a crucial part in my final decision to move – it meant a lot to me that I wouldn’t have to sacrifice doing a job that is my passion in order to give my kids a healthy and relaxed surroundings and lifestyle.

Q: What kind of job do you do and what’s it like working at Pangea?

Davor: A pretty challenging one – both platform and infrastructure security are my team’s responsibility, which we tackle in collaboration with other technical and non-technical teams. We’re talking about a globally distributed platform with numerous data centers around the world, and about continuous small platform changes. Nowadays, when we hear about all the security incidents in the world of business and privacy from the media, it is clear that this line of work brings quite a few challenges to keep up with.

So my working days are obviously quite dynamic, and include security testing and improvements, along with operational tasks. Our agile developers have tendencies to introduce cutting edge technologies – I never get the chance to be bored at work, and I get to cooperate with good and interesting people, full of smart ideas. We’re all eager to learn from each other and continuously improve our knowledge. Like, a few days ago, a colleague came up with an article on how a provider is using a new [Big Data] database ClickHouse to analyze millions of DNS requests per second, and ideas for its use started to pop-up instantly which grew into a brainstorming session.

There are also benefits like an affordable, in-house restaurant, gym, volleyball and squash fields, a giant parking lot…plus the quality equipment and working space for you to enjoy.

Something else I’d like to point out is how I actually signed up for one position, which was advertised at the time, then got hired for another and then ultimately chose to transfer to this, third one less than two months after employment. That’s something I like about this place; there are plenty of chances for developing your career path in the direction that best fits your wishes and your competencies.

Q: Something different for the end – is your team hiring right now?

Davor: Yes – yes, we are. In fact, Security Operations has open positions that we’d like to fill – one of them being that of a Security Engineer in Vodnjan. 

We are looking for Security Engineers who are competent at operating and maintaining standard security tools like SIEM, IDS/IPS, DLP, Vulnerability Assessment, and such, and who are proficient in various aspects of security analysis of applications and infrastructure. One of their first projects will be implementing a new Intrusion Detection System.

Despite the work itself being agile and dynamic–well, precisely because there’s such an important workload to tackle, we all make sure to create a relaxed, friendly and to-the-point working environment where you can freely express your ideas and keep the team dynamics simple & straightforward.

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