Microsoft Dynamics Benefits: Mobile Marketing with Infobip and D365

Denis Jugovac

Sometimes two things that are pretty great on their own are even better paired together. Chocolate and peanut butter, for example. Or Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Infobip’s omnichannel platform.  We sat down with tech consultant Dilyana Radulova to explore key Microsoft Dynamics benefits – and the advantages of pairing Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Infobip’s communication channels, including Viber and SMS.

What are the main Microsoft Dynamics benefits?

Microsoft has a line of business applications geared towards enterprise resources planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). 

A crucial part of this line is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, a marketing automation application that helps turn prospects into business relationships. 

Key Microsoft Dynamics benefits including helping your business to manage sales, customer service, and marketing activities – as well as the day-to-day running of your business. 

How to pair Infobip and D365 Marketing

D365 users can expand the existing functionalities by downloading Infobip plugin from Appsource and following a few simple steps.

Existing Infobip clients who already have an account and use D365 can also download plugins and link their accounts following the steps provided.

How to use Viber and SMS with D365

Creating or linking an existing Infobip account with D365 affords users the opportunity to send automated campaigns over Viber and SMS.

These are some of the best SMS and Viber use cases for D365:

Event management

Whether your business is event management-based or not – most every business will, at some time or another, need to invite people to attend an event. And when inviting people to attend an event, it needs to be practical for both the event organizers and the attendees.

Dilyana suggests sending event invitations or tickets via SMS or Viber. This makes it easy for event organizers to create a scannable QR code to track attendance, but it also makes things easier for event-goers.

If it’s a concert or corporate event, or really anything in between – bringing along a phone with a scannable ticket is much more convenient than printing tickets at home or the office and being stuck with a piece of paper the rest of the evening.

It’s not just ticketing, either. Automated campaigns can be used to deliver helpful information to event attendees so that everyone gets there on time and informed. For some more insights on how to do that with SMS and Viber – follow the example set by LEAP.

Cart abandonment

We know a thing or four about cart abandonment – and so does Dilyana, who suggests leveraging D365 and Viber to reduce cart abandonment. 

Cart abandonment isn’t limited to only retail use cases, however – don’t let the name fool you. Any business with an online checkout process can use SMS and Viber messages to remind customers to complete their checkout.

Jul 2nd, 2020
2 min read

Denis Jugovac