The Power of Tech Partnerships: Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level

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Razan Saleh

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Businesses around the region are facing unprecedented operational challenges, putting a strain on existing resources and challenging revenue models. Today, partnerships have become more vital than ever. As the economy changes rapidly, working together toward a single goal speeds up operational processes and improves customer service.

We sat down with Mr. Yazan Al-Qasem, Co-founder at Sales Leads – a leading technology partner in the MENA region to find out how Infobip’s partnership program and omnichannel communication solutions have helped scale their business strategy in delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving growth.

Q: Would you mind giving us an introduction and some background on Sales Leads?

Sales Leads is a specialized digital performance marketing agency that provides solutions for sustainable business growth through the usage of digital marketing channels and the latest technologies in digital transformation.

Q: Tell us about your partnership with Infobip and why did you choose to become a technology partner?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on the entire world, many of our local clients started looking for solutions to enhance their digital customer experience. This has led us to seek a new technology partner to help meet their demands.  We found that despite this crisis, partnering with a leading omnichannel communication solutions provider will significantly drive our digital transformation journey and increase our solutions portfolio. By offering Infobip’s CPaaS and SaaS solutions for customer engagement, we were able to nurture our customer base and service portfolio to introduce new revenue streams to our business.

Our partnership with Infobip started in 2020, and to date, we’ve had many successes, including signing a significant deal with one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in MENA, Ferring Pharmaceuticals SA.  This project alone expands to more than 20 countries across MENA, Turkey and Africa who are now providing a wide range of Infobip’s customer experience and customer engagement solutions in three different languages

Q: What does CX mean to you and why is it important?

Customer experience is how a person feels about their interaction/ engagement with a brand. At Sales Leads, we’re keen on providing valuable, easy-to-use, and pleasurable experience to every client, across every touchpoint—in a way that meets or exceeds their expectations and the promises we make—this is what great customer experience is all about.

Q: Even with a much simpler process than some of our competitors, I am sure some marketing agencies are wondering if they should invest in this journey with us; what would you highlight as the compelling reason for them to partner with Infobip?

The impact of this partnership has been huge on our business. It enabled us to enter new business segments and provide a wide range of new communication solutions to our customers. Not only did it help us enhance our service quality and add new solutions to our product portfolio, but also reflects positively on our client’s ROI, their digital customer experience and their overall monetization process.

Infobip’s partnership program empowers businesses to build a core set of cloud communication solutions and channels that work together effortlessly. Not to mention the other business benefits such as training and resources that will help bring your solutions to market faster. The local support team is very helpful, and they are willing to go the extra mile to support their partners in any way possible. They’re constantly encouraging us to expand our services and add new revenue streams to help us increase our profitability from this partnership.

Q: In your opinion, how can companies combine technology and human creativity to deliver exceptional CX?

With the current rapid changes and disequilibrium situations we live in, I am sure that such combination is a mandatory requirement for the survival of any company despite its size or rank in the market. Customers are eager to get their needs faster and more conveniently. They’re constantly looking for better experiences, and therefore, companies need to utilize the technology they have, such as an AI Chatbot or a Cloud contact center with proper human assistance to help them function efficiently. Simply said, technology is kept in check by human creativity, reasoning, and rationality. Combining both will help deliver an exceptional customer experience.

By offering Infobip’s CPaaS and SaaS solutions for customer engagement, we were able to nurture our customer base and service portfolio to introduce new revenue streams to our business.

Yazan Al-Qasem

Co-Founder at Sales Leads

Dec 22nd, 2021
4 min read
Content Manager

Razan Saleh

Content Manager