What Makes a Good Technology Partner?

Timothy Allen

Businesses have rapidly moved towards the cloud and digital efficacy for companies of all sizes. Organizations are doubling down on innovation, leveraging technology to ensure digital transformation and drive revenue.  

Partnerships is a great way to drive new revenue by adding innovative functionality to your app and portfolio of products and services.

Customer experience is about listening and meeting them where they are, then accelerating them to where they want to go. This requires partners who embody—trust, flexibility, agility, intelligence, and innovation.

What makes a good technology communications partner?

The right partner empowers you to:

  • Generate customer-ready solutions and accelerate time to market
  • Provide a customer-centric approach with a human touch to solving technology challenges and providing digital-first communication
  • Discover new revenue models through innovative solutions
  • Scale in an agile manner
  • Deliver reliable services
  • Connect personally with customers and partners, building new levels of trust.
  • Communicate with customers in a personalized and omnichannel messaging way
  • Drive measurable business value

Our partnership program does just that by working in an inclusive and collaborative way, and is what makes it stand out.

Providing uniform quality, service and CX globally

Striving for exponential growth, our cloud-based solutions and channel portfolio help partners rapidly transform their clients customer engagement, improve internal collaboration, and deliver new services.

Yoon Jung, procurement manager, Uber said: “Infobip is a great partner because of their ability to keep up with our global growth and provide the type of service we need to meet our users’ demands. That seamless 24/7 communication wide open and knowing there is always someone to support Uber sets Infobip apart from other providers.”

To meet Uber’s high customer expectations – our SMS and number masking solution was used to ensure passengers get an Uber ride anywhere, at any time – without investing a great effort. Our global presence made it easy for Uber to add anonymization and SMS in new and high-priority markets.

Nissan Saudi Arabia’s customer-centric approach is defined by studying the Saudi customer’s buying behavior and coming up with solutions that provide the customer with the best shopping and ownership experience. By digitally enabling the customer journey and launching this new chatbot service over the WhatsApp channel, we have made serving our customers more accessible and convenient. Infobip has helped us develop the optimum journey for users to interact with the brand through WhatsApp easily. The technical expertise provided by Infobip has also allowed us to integrate it with our systems for smooth data capturing quickly.”

Mohammed El-Khayat, Deputy GM – Customer Experience and Digital Transformation

Our partnership ecosystem

Partnership success depends on differentiation, flexibility and adaptability. Infobip partners with:

System integrators: Our SI partners use our APIs to integrate our messaging channels and cloud communication solutions into their clients’ digital strategies. Helping them expand their solution portfolio through:

  • Our global messaging expertise
  • Unrivaled channel portfolio and omnichannel capabilities
  • Co-marketing efforts
  • 24/7 support and always-on training

Digital marketing agencies: Our digital marketing agency partners lead their clients toward their growth and conversion goals with our data platform, customer engagement hub, and omnichannel chatbot building platform. They can continue to grow their core business with:

  • Additional revenue streams
  • Go-to-market assistance
  • Lead generation
  • Enter new industries

Master service agents: We partner with them to bring our products to market and foster long-term solutions with experts who understand the nuances of customer experience, and looking to embed them into their applications. Enabling them to provide new business value with:

  • Global presence, and local experience
  • Accelerating time to revenue
  • Collaborate with new enterprises and build stronger relationships with existing customers
  • Ability to deliver complex solutions

Diversify your market reach by tapping into our in-depth industry experience and solutions, including engagement, retention, and operational efficiency.

May 20th, 2021
3 min read

Timothy Allen