Two-Factor Authentication: Improved Account Security With SMS

A password just isn't good enough anymore. Protect your customers' data wherever they are, using only their mobile phone!

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an additional layer of security. When a user tries to access their account, it allows them to be automatically verified using an additional piece of information that is unique to them.

Three factors for authenticating users:

  • Something they know

    It could be a PIN, a one-time password (OTP), answers to predefined ‘secret questions’, or a specific keystroke pattern.

  • Something they have

    Something in their possession, like a credit card, a smartphone, or a token.

  • Something they are

    Every user is unique. Biometric authentication can use a fingerprint, an iris scan, or a voice print.

Why SMS-based authentication?

  • No additional hardware needed

    The only thing your customers need is their mobile phone.

  • Works on any mobile phone

    No need for any kind of app – if your users don’t have a smartphone this may be the only reliable authentication option.

  • Global

    Your users can be verified anywhere in the world – no mobile data or Wi-Fi required.

How to use one-time passwords (OTPs) 

  • When a new user registers for your application phone verification can help authenticate identity, ensuring your new user is who they claim to be – and links them with their device.

    • User downloads an app and registers a new account

    • User receives a PIN code via a messaging service such as SMS, or via a voice message

    • User enters the PIN in the app on their device to complete the user registration process

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Infobip provided us a solution that proved fast, reliable, and easy to implement. Improving customer security has helped us improve our revenue and profitability thanks to a cost-effective solution that was fast and easy to implement.

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