[Click-to-chat ads]

Use Click-to-chat ads with advanced analytics to amplify results

  • Gain qualified leads effortlessly with ads that click to WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct 
  • Boost conversion rates with engaging messaging 
  • Track and measure your return on ad spend (ROAS) to make data-driven decisions 
Example of how to use WhatsApp Business

Launch marketing campaigns with Click-to-chat ads

Create highly targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram that enable prospects to initiate a conversation with your business on WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram  

  • Promote your brand and boost demand at any stage of the customer journey 
  • Engage in conversations with your customers and prospects 
  • Create user profiles, send personalized offers  
  • Use free 72-hours conversations that start through Click-to-WhatsApp 

Make data-driven decisions with Click-to-chat ad analytics

  • Check the campaign performance in real-time
  • Make informed decisions, adapt and optimize your campaigns
  • Re-engage users when they drop-off
  • Increase your ROAS with the most advanced end-to-end behavior analytics solution

Convert and qualify leads at scale

  • Efficiently schedule and send targeted WhatsApp broadcasts for optimal conversion at scale
  • Use WhatsApp journeys to generate, nurture, and qualify leads while enhancing quality, speed, and customer satisfaction

Ready to revolutionize your campaigns?

Measure ROAS, make data-driven decisions
and improve campaigns.

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