Luxury Brands Should Come with a High-End Experience

Known for excellence and innovation, luxury brands have always been at the forefront of unique customer experiences. As digitally-savvy consumers demand more, it's time for high-end retailers to reimagine their online shopping experience.

“Luxury is in each detail.”

– Hubert de Givenchy

The new luxury retail consumer

During the pandemic, the luxury retail segment was resilient. It ushered in a catalyst of change where luxury consumers expect highly personalized experiences, 24/7, throughout their journey. 

With Millennials and Gen Z shoppers driving growth,  this digital-first trend will continue to evolve.

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Trends in Luxury CX

  • CPaaS

    Digital channels: accelerated growth

    • It’s estimated that 1/3 of all luxury purchases in the next three years will come from digital channels – including websites, marketplaces, social platforms, chat apps and more.
  • Unique experiences

    Personalization: at the heart of luxury CX

    • Personalizing the details of an experience turns a one-time shopper into a loyal customer. Creating interactions based on your customers’ preferences and behavior is essential.
  • Integration

    Phygital: From physical to digital

    • Your customer is unique, and their experience should be too. Whether it’s online, in-store, via social media, or the metaverse, a streamlined, omnichannel approach blends the best of what physical and digital has to offer.
  • Automation and AI

    Automation: Delighting Millennials and Gen Z

    • Automations seem like the opposite of exclusivity. However, using automated processes empowers you to have 1:1 interactions with your customers at scale, offering operational agility and hyper-personalization.
  • 01 CPaaS
    Digital channels: accelerated growth
  • 02 Unique experiences
    Personalization: at the heart of luxury CX
  • 03 Integration
    Phygital: From physical to digital
  • 04 Automation and AI
    Automation: Delighting Millennials and Gen Z

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Adopting Infobip’s solutions was a time to rethink our interactions with customers. It is no longer a one-way service, but active and conversational management. This was possible because Infobip understood our needs immediately and brought us flexible, agile and scalable solutions.

— Daniele Cazzani, Head of Promo and Customer Experience, Salmoiraghi & Viganò

We have zero window shoppers. We are very lucky to know all our customers personally by name, know what their last treatment was, and what their preferences are – and Conversations helps us show them that we care about them!

— Dipika Mundhara Assisstant Manager – Digital Marketing, Enrich

Integrating our systems with Infobip to automate our messaging has helped us save time and cut costs. Now, our customers receive timely notifications when they need them most.

— Panithan Termsaithong, Vice President of Marketing, King Power

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