WhatsApp API

The easy-access WhatsApp API

Choose a developer-friendly WhatsApp API that simply integrates with your systems, and lets you build engaging customer interactions with ease.

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Power of HTTP API

In no time your business can be ready to programmatically send and receive unlimited numbers of messages – and integrate workflows with its CRM, data flows, or customer care software.

  • Integrate and send

  • Receive in real time

  • Analyze reports

Limitless possibilities

WhatsApp API lets you build and message across the whole customer journey. A few examples for you:

  • Speed up onboarding

    Send welcome messages to new users and use interactive call-to-action buttons to guide them through the onboarding process

  • Manage loyalty schemes

    Help customers use their benefits, send status notifications and free up customer support teams for complex queries

  • Send digital documents

    With end-to-end encryption, sending documents such as invoices and statements using media message templates is simple and secure

  • Share package locations

    Notify your customers where their package is delivered by sharing the location and along with a photo

  • Schedule appointments

    Help your customers reserve appointments in a way that is convenient for them

  • Be there for any problem

    Be easily reachable to solve customer problem at any time