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Croatian Telecom – Offering innovative

Croatian Telecom – Offering innovative


Expanding service portfolios for key banking clients

Croatian Telecom was looking for a way to upgrade its offering for key banking clients, and introduce new services to further increase the value for their larger enterprise clients. The company sought to avoid large capital expenditures associated with launching and marketing new products, and was keen to implement a viable solution within a relatively short period of time. A2P SMS messaging seemed like a good way for portfolio expansion, but it required an extensive set of tools, programs and infrastructure to develop a viable business model around the growing A2P SMS potential.


mGate partnership

Infobip has a history of successfully implementing enterprise-grade messaging services. Decade-long international experience allowed them to develop a deep understanding of enterprise messaging, and how A2P SMS technologies are best shaped and tuned to meet the needs of large enterprises, both technically and business-wise.

mGate is a robust SMS messaging gateway for large enterprises. It delivers real-time, eventbased SMS notifications, alerts and confirmations – ATM transaction alerts, balance statements, booking confirmations etc. Its event-based messaging feature allows companies to set up an automated messaging flow and then rely on database integration to send A2P SMS messages whenever an actionable event occurs. Deployment and integration is fully managed by Infobip’s specialised enterprise support teams who work closely with Infobip developers who designed and continue to work on updating mGate.


Seamless launch of enterprise services with no CapEx

By using Infobip’s robust enterprise solution mGate, Croatian Telecom brought its clients a significantly wider service portfolio, but also adapted its technology resources to what the enterprise market called for. This enabled an efficient A2P SMS monetisation through Infobip tools and resources – support, upgrades and maintenance. Partnering under such a model, the two companies have successfully closed a series of enterprise deals and deployed mGate in some of the largenst banks in the country.

Company profile

Croatian Telecom

T-Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT; Croatian Telecom) is a joint stock company in the majority ownership of Deutsche Telekom. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, it is the leading provider of telecommunications services in the country, serving more than 1.3 million fixed lines, nearly 2.5 million mobile subscribers and 648,000 broadband connections through its residential and business divisions. Croatian Telecom is one of the most powerful economic entities in the country, and one of the key drivers of the national economy.