CPaaS on Azure

Available Channels

Currently, our self-service users can use SMS and Email both in the trial period and after upgrading. It is free, no credit card required to test. 


  • Available as one-way and, where possible, two-way communication.
  • The sender is set as default.
  • Buy your own number for sending SMS. To buy a number, log in to the Infobip web interface > Apps > SMS > Buy Number.
  • Check the SMS Coverage and Regulations before sending SMS.


  • The domain used for sending emails is and is set as default
  • To add your own domain for sending emails, log in to the Infobip web interface > Apps > Email > ADD NEW and follow the instructions within the interface.

Other Services

If you would like to use additional Infobip services and channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, RCS, and other, contact us at


Before starting with the activation of Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) on Microsoft Azure, prepare the following:

1. Fill out the Messaging Integration for Microsoft Azure form. Be sure to provide accurate information.

2. We will send you an email with a verification link. You will only be able to send email messages to this email address during the testing period.  

3. The link redirects you to a form where you need to set your credentials (username and password) for accessing the Infobip web interface.

4. After confirming your credentials, you will receive a confirmation email.

5. Log in to the web interface and verify your phone number. Then you can obtain your API key.

User Guide

How to Enable CPaaS on Azure

  1. Visit the Microsoft AppSource and click GET IT NOW, after which you will be prompted to create the app on Azure. Click Continue.

Integrations - Infobip CPaaS on Microsoft Azure

  1. Click Create.

Integrations - install mGate on Azure

  1. Fill in the necessary details related to your Microsoft tenant and resources for provisioning the Infobip solution.

Enter project details - Infobip CPaaS on Azure

  1. Enter Infobip credentials.

Enter Infobip credentials - MS Azure

  1. Choose the virtual machine configuration that is going to be provisioned on your MS tenant. Also, provide an IP address or subnet from which you are going to access the API endpoint.

Virtual machine configuration - MS Azure integrations

  1. Review the details and proceed with provisioning.

Finish creating the app


If you followed the instructions in the previous section, you have successfully provisioned mGate in your MS tenant.

mGate is a flexible and secure messaging gateway that provides web services used as an API, via HTTPS protocol. It can be configured to work as a web service or an API endpoint to listen and accept HTTPS requests, parse data, and send messages. One way to do this is would be to create a REST service on the mGate server (which is similar to a web API).

It can be targeted by any HTTPS REST client.

Check the server status at any time using the following HTTPS request:


The username and password are your Infobip credentials for accessing the account.

If successful, the following message is returned:

Welcome to mGate REST server.

Find the URL parameteres under Outputs on the deployment page in the https://infobip-cpaas-<ID>.<REGION> format. 

Number Verification

Before testing, verify your mobile phone number in the web interface. This is a mandatory step for security purposes.

Number verification - integrations - MS Azure

Within the trial period, you can send messages to mobile phone numbers and email addresses you have previously verified during the signup process. The trial period is 14 days or until you have spent all your free messages.

Once your phone number is verified, you will receive 30 free Email and SMS messages to test the service.

Visit Free Trial for more details.


  1. Log in to the web interface, open the onboarding panel, and click SHOW ME.

Test CPaaS - integrations

  1. Choose SMS or Email as a channel. To compose your message, use the visual builder or API.

Test SMS and Email as channels

Send Messages

Let's see how to send SMS messages in the trial period.

HTTPS request example:







Unique ID for each message.



Destination number.



Name of the sender who initiates the message.



 Message content.

At the same time, these parameters are used to successfully create a message which is later forwarded through HTTPS request(s). The application then processes the request(s) and generates messages that are pushed further towards our platform and network operators.


“code”: “success”, 
“sender”: “{sendername}”, 
“phone”: “{phonenumber}”, 
“description”: “message queued for sending”, 
“message_id”: “{messageID}”, 
“timestamp”: {messagetimestamp}, 
“status”: 1 

If the request is missing one of the required fields, you will get the following message:

Can’t send message, missing mandatory data: {missingfieldname}

If sending the message failed, you will get the following response:

“code”: “error”, 
“description”: “message could not be queued” 
“status”: 0 

That means an internal server error has occurred and you should re-submit your request.

Check Message Status

Use the HTTPS request to check the message status.



When submitting this request to retrieve message status, use the same message_id which you used when sent the message. This is to ensure you get the correct message status.


“code”: “success”, 
“sender”: “{sendername}”, 
“phone”: “{phonenumber}”, 
“description”: “{statusdescription}”, 
“message_id”: “{messageID}”, 
“status”: {statuscode}, 
“timestamp”: “{messagetimestamp}”

Status descriptions with the corresponding codes:

Status Description Status Code

If the provided message ID cannot be found, you will get this response:

“details”:”message with the supplied message_id could not be found” 

Double check the message ID and try again.


If you want to use Infobip to send messages once your trial has ended or you have used up all your free messages, upgrade or add funds to your Infobip account. With the Pay-as-you-go model, you manage your balance within the web interface and add your funds with online payment. Visit Payments for more details.

Before you can add the funds to your account for the first time, you have to provide us with your customer Information (yourself as an individual or as a company). Visit Free Trial for more information. Be sure to enter the correct data as you can’t change it once you submit the form. All invoices will me issues based on the information you provided.

To top up, in the web interface home page, click ADD FUNDS.

Infobip will notify you via email of any change in the pricing that might occur for one or more destinations.

By accepting the Infobip Service Terms & Conditions and reading our Privacy Policy, you confirm that you agree to these Service Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.


If you have any additional questions or need help with the integration, contact our Support team at