Send SMS Over Broadcast

Broadcast is the primary, and simplest, tool you can use to send SMS messages over the Infobip platform. Learn more about Broadcast.

  1. Navigate to the Communicate module, click CREATE BROADCAST. 
  2. If you have more than one channel active, select SMS as your channel. Fill out the manditory fields:
  • TO – Your targeted audience that will receive your SMS message. You can paste a list of numbers here, search for destinations from the People, or use custom data by uploading a file.
  • FROM – Message sender. End users will see this as a new message from the sender when they receive the SMS.
  • CONTENT – The body text of the message your end users will see when they receive it. You can either write your message, paste a predefined text, or personalize it with data from the People

Sens SMS over Broadcast

  1. Click ANALYZE.  If you are satisfied with the outcome, you may launch your broadcast message.

If you want to use more advanced features with sending your messages, refer to Advanced Options.