Verified SMS

Verified SMS (VSMS) is the next stage in the A2P SMS communication which brings the look and feel of chat apps to SMS. The service is made available by Google in partnership with Infobip so, once you activate it, your users easily get the enhanced SMS user experience.

To get started and send VSMS to your customers, all you need to do is get in touch with an Infobip representative and ask for the activation of VSMS service. In addition to that, you will be asked to provide your brand information.

If you already send SMS using Infobip in any manner (API, web interface, integrations, etc.), no technical integration is not required—sign up for VSMS and continue sending SMS as usual.

Verified SMS process flow


The only prerequisite for sending SMS is a dedicated sender ID (short code, VLN or alphanumeric). In VSMS, your brand information is tied to your sender ID, so only you can use the sender ID and you should use it only with Infobip platform. If you don’t have a dedicated sender ID, we can help you get one.


  1. Get in touch with your Infobip representative
    • Confirm you have a dedicated sender ID for each country to which you want to send VSMS
    • Share your brand details
  2. Wait for the service activation

During the onboarding process, there will be no changes regarding your SMS traffic. Your operations (campaign creation and reporting) will not be interrupted in any way. When the process of activation is done, your subscribers will start seeing VSMS on their devices.


Using VSMS with each message you send, you get closer to your customers by exposing your:

  • Brand name
  • Brand logo
  • Brand description

Besides branding, each message you send is:

  • Verified by Google message verification service so your customers can be 100% confident that the message is sent by you
  • Enhanced with link preview which catches attention, provides confidence, and increases conversion rates

Who can receive Verified SMS?

VSMS can be experienced by all users globally who are using Android devices with Google Messages application to manage their SMS messages. Other users will continue receiving the standard SMS message, the same way they do today.

Benefits of VSMS

With activation of VSMS, your users will benefit from:

  1. Raised Brand Awareness and Loyalty – In branded conversations your brand is clearly communicated. Brand information will be presented to the customer on top of the conversation window once the customer is engaged in a conversation with you.
  2. Increased Customer Trust – With SMS message verification, preventing man-in-the-middle and phishing type of attacks, it is ensured that each message is sent by you and that the message hasn’t been altered during the message delivery process. Each verified message will be labeled as ‘Verified as [Brand name]’.

With Verified SMS you increase customer trust and raise brand awareness at the same time.

Verified SMS enhances the user experience for all types of SMS communication. However, we especially recommend using VSMS for the following use cases:

  • Messages of high confidentiality and importance (PINS, fraud alerts, warnings, account balances)
  • Order confirmations and reminders
  • Transactional and promotional messages containing links