Check out how you can use our various solutions in real-life scenarios.


Record Voice communication with your customers.

Save money on calls while ensuring your message was heard by a real person and not just a machine.

Use the kiosk app to establish a seamless remote consultation without any data connectivity interruptions.

Use Moments to send text, chat apps, or voice messages to customers in the loyalty program customers stored in People.

Send automated reminders to your customers and end users about different topics.

Easily resolve any customer complaint regarding their orders with the help of Shopify integration with Conversations.

Using number masking to set up a scenario where two or more parties can call each other anonymously.

How to set up an efficient sign up and account verification process for your customers.

Provide information about your customers’ loyalty points and discounts to ease their purchase.

Raise your customers' trust by informing them instantly about high-priority alerts and important changes using Voice.

Boost engagement and drive sales using promotional content.

Use Things to keep POS terminals always connected and avoid network outages.

Send relevant information to your customers regarding their orders.

Collect your safety cameras biometrics from ridesharing vehicles using our IoT connectivity.

Control energy resources and create smarter distribution while keeping track of users' consumption.

Track visitors` behavior and reach out to help them make decisions about your products or services.

Send different media template messages such as invoices, guides, locations,tickets, etc. over API

Increase customer interactions and achieve a significant growth in meeting requests.

Let customers know they can chat with your agents on WhatsApp as soon as they become available.

Connect eScooter to the cloud via cellular modem and exchange key information.

Connect and control your fleet using the Infobip SIM/eSIM cards and management system.

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