Use Cases

Check out how you can use our various solutions in real-life scenarios.


Use an IoT seamless distribution process to help various restaurants/merchants globally which deliver groceries to get these to their customers in a timely manner.

Send relevant information to your customers regarding their orders.

Learn how 2-way flows and RCS help you send order confirmation automated messages.

Use Media Message Templates to send order delivery confirmation to your customers.

Build a flow to welcome your new loyalty club members and encourage new purchases.

Collect your safety cameras biometrics from ridesharing vehicles using our IoT connectivity.

Control energy resources and create smarter distribution while keeping track of users' consumption.

Help your customers get support via the channel that suits them the most

Send scheduled notifications to reach and win back your dormant mobile app users.

Track visitors` behavior and reach out to help them make decisions about your products or services.

Create special moments on special days to let customers know you are thinking of them all year round.

Greet and quickly engage new customers with welcome messages and special offers.

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Win Back Cart Abandoners

This custom-built communication solution will motivate shoppers to complete their online purchases.

Invite your customers to download your mobile application.

Use Media Message Templates to send videos to your customers.

Add an extra layer of security that requires users to use both their online password and their mobile phone to verify their identity to access a service or a web app.

Use API to notify your customers where their package or item has been delivered by sharing the delivery location.

Increase the conversion rate of targeted promo campaigns combining Viber with SMS as failover channel.

Increase the conversion rate of targeted promo campaigns.

Increase customer interactions and achieve a significant growth in meeting requests using Viber.

Listen to your customers' feedback to improve your products.

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