Use Cases

Check out how you can use our various solutions in real-life scenarios.


Enable end users to check the delivery status of their order.

Use media message templates to send e-receipts over WhatsApp after a customer makes a purchase.

Use WhatsApp media message templates to send invoices as documents in a WhatsApp message.

Use WhatsApp media message templates to send a boarding pass in a WhatsApp message.

Use media message templates to send e-tickets in a WhatsApp message immediately following a purchase.

Increase security and customer delight. Include Voice in everyday ecommerce business communication.

Let customers know they can chat with your agents on WhatsApp as soon as they become available.

Make the onboarding process easier for your customers by using educational video messages.

The Appointment Reminder enables you to send your customers a reminder of their scheduled appointment.

Connect eScooter to the cloud via cellular modem and exchange key information.

Connect and control your fleet using the Infobip SIM/eSIM cards and management system.

Build a bigger viewership for your On Demand event using two communication channels.

Use push notifications to inform your clients in real time about any changes to their account balance.

Use geo-targeting to share special offers and re-engage your loyal customers passing by your stores.

Use Push notifications to provide exceptional travel experience and increase loyalty to your brand.

Easy and effective way to alert the mobile app users when the news is published on your website.

Ensure your customers are using the latest mobile app version, enjoying its full potential.

Use interactive notifications for 2FA to confirm sensitive operations.

Direct your customers to the most skilled agent for the given topic and quickly resolve their requests and issues.

Leverage digital channels to increase physical sales - use push notifications to prompt a visit.

Forward calls to several agents and never miss another call from your customers.

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