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Arrange Confidential Package Delivery

In-App Calls use case - Arrange Confidential Package Delivery high-level overview

In recent times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet customer expectations, deliver their items on time and provide top-notch customer service. Even though you are working hard to deliver an order you might face unexpected issues which can halt delivery.

These can include: inaccurate/incomplete details, outdated address, unmarked streets and doors, customers not answering when the doorbell rings…all of these can result in returned packages. Furthermore, factors like poor weather conditions or heavy traffic can delay delivery as well.

In any of these cases you will want to reach out to your customer and inform them of the delay, possibly clear up ambiguities and thus prevent any further complications. By implementing the phone calling feature in your application, you will give your couriers the option to call the customers but at the same time you will attend to your customers’ needs regarding their data protection and not share their phone number.  

This use case will show you how to implement the phone calling feature in your delivery/order management application.

Process Workflow

In-App Calls use case - Arrange Confidential Package Delivery process workflow


Steps over SDK


To use Infobip RTC, you need to have Web and In-App Calls enabled on your account.

1. First and foremost, include InfobipRTC SDK(s) in your application(s):

2. Register your users on the Infobip platform over API. Users are registered with their identity—a unique alphanumeric string. Once completed, the Infobip platform will return an authorization token. 

Request example:

POST /webrtc/1/token HTTP/1.1
Host: {base_url}
Authorization: Basic QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ==
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
	"displayName":"Alice in Wonderland"

Response example:

  "token": "3981e92d-141e-48bb-8e10-f751e0b4bfb5",
  "expirationTime": "2019-02-06T11:10:00.123Z"

3. Initiate a call towards the landline or mobile phone by using the callPhoneNumber method. Authorization token needs to be supplied that you will have received from the previous response. This way you will have connected the courier and the customer and protected customer’s privacy. 

You can use the callPhoneNumber method via Android, iOS or JavaScript.


String token = obtainToken();
CallRequest callRequest = new CallRequest(
    new DefaultCallEventListener()
CallPhoneNumberOptions callPhoneNumberOptions = CallPhoneNumberOptions.builder().from("33755531044").build();

OutgoingCall call = InfobipRTC.callPhoneNumber(callRequest, callPhoneNumberOptions);

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