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Arrange Meetings With Your Customers

Viber use case - Arrange Meetings With Your Customers high-level overview

Meeting arrangements with your end users via Viber allows you to boost customer reach and make use of contact center resources more effectively. Use Viber messages and Conversations feature to agree on a convenient day and time details with your customer. The results of this use case develop customer-initiated conversations experience as well.

This use case shows how to arrange meetings with your customers, gather their response, and choose a convenient date and time for both parties.

Process Workflow

Viber use case - Arrange Meetings With Your Customers process workflow


Steps over Web Interface

  1.  Log in to the Infobip web interface, navigate to the Moments module > click CREATE FLOW > and then Start from Scratch.

  2. Select Predefined audience and start building your flow.

  3.  Name your campaign.


To start communicating with your customers over Viber, you must obtain and store their opt-ins.

  1.  Select your audience by selecting recipients (who should receive an invitation to schedule a meeting with you).

  2. Click the arrow and select the Send Viber element.

  3. Set sender and message text. 

For example: “Dear FirstName, we have a special mortgage offer for you. Visit our office for details. Respond YES to arrange a meeting at time convenient to you."

In advanced options set on the promotional label and validity period for 2 hours.
For a more personal approach use variables such as subscriber`s first name.

Click Close when finished.

  1. Click the arrow and add the Evaluate inbound message element. Select the channel you used to send the first message, in this case Viber.

  2. Fill in the following information:

To - choose the same sender as you used in previous element

Conditions - where you expect a specific answer, it should be set like this: IF… keyword is YES

  1. Click the arrow from Keyword is YES and select the Start a conversation element. The conversation will be automatically transferred to the Conversations when starts.

  2. Select the Conversation tag or create a new one.

To create new tag, click Create Tag and name your tag (e.g., meeting appointment). Once you enter a name, the tag will be added at the top to the Selected Tags.

You can use multiple tags.


  1. If you did everything correctly, you would see a summary screen. Click LAUNCH NOW execute the campaign.

Here’s how the entire Flow looks like:

Viber use case - Arrange Meetings With Your Customers flow example

  1. Once in the Conversations module, the agent will take over and continue the conversation with the customer.

Viber use case - Arrange Meetings With Your Customers - takeover with Conversations

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