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Boost New Shoppers` Online Habits

audience segmentation diagram

Many unlikely online shoppers have been recently compelled to change their habits. Keep them interested - send the latest information about your products and point out that all the hassle that people associate with online shopping is the thing of the past: returns are now free, there are no hidden costs, and multiple delivery attempts are available. It`s a win-win: they get to explore the online shopping benefits and avoid spending hours going from store to store or waiting in line to pay, while you get to retain an entirely new customer segment.

This example case shows how to send a notification to a specific audience via a mobile app and follow up with an email to customers who do not react to your first message. 

segmentation process flow



To be able to send communication to a specific audience, you should first create an audience segment.

  • Navigate to SEGMENTS, close the ATTRIBUTE window, and set up the customer behavior that will define this audience segment. It could be a registration that happened 180 days ago, right about the time when online products and services became the safest way to do your shopping.

    Name your segment: New Shoppers and save it.

creating audience segment on cpaas

Steps Over Web Interface

  1. Sign in to our web interface, go to the Moments module > CREATE FLOWStart from Scratch > Predefined Audience.
  2. In the Predefined Audience side-panel, select your previously created segment New Shoppers.

predefined audience trigger on cpaas

  1. To send a message, add the channel you want to use. In this example case, we are adding the Push notification.

sending push on communication platform


Every channel you plan to use in the visual builder has to be set up first.

  1. Add Wait for an event element, and in the side panel select “opened” and “happened,” so that the Flow can get the information that the messages have been opened. Include the campaign ID shown in the screenshot below.

     Finally, decide how long you want to wait before sending another message to people who didn`t open the push notification.

campaign id in segmentation


There is one requirement related to this step: you need to go to the People module > Events > Channel Events and select Opened. This way you can track push notifications that were opened and continue your communication based on this information.

  1. Set up another message via a different communication channel, such as email, to reach those customers who didn`t open the message.

sending email via cpaas

  1. VALIDATE and then LAUNCH your communication!

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