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Car Dealership Assistant

High level chatbot diagram

Offer your customers quick answers regarding car assistance, maintenance, or car purchases. Having a retail car dealership experience is the key for the success of your business. To improve customer experience, or to attract more visitors by increasing traffic to your dealership, you should introduce a digital assistant.

Digital assistant in the form of a chatbot can help you with a wide variety of use cases, some of which can include helping your customers with:

  • Scheduling a test ride and getting a quote for the vehicle
  • Reporting a car failure and getting immediate road assistance
  • Booking an appointment for the car repair service

By implementing this type of assistance, you are not only improving customer experience, but also improving your business’ brand.

This use case will demonstrate how to create a chatbot that can give your customers quick resolution to questions they might have about car maintenance, purchasing a car, or booking a test drive.

Process Workflow

Process workflow Car dealership assistant



  1. On the basis of the services you want to offer through the chatbot, create intents and training phrases for those intents (car maintenance, roadside assistance, test rides, car purchases, etc).

  2. Design the dialogs based on those intents—how you expect the dialogs for roadside assistance, maintenance, sales, etc. to run. What questions you expect to receive from your customers and answers you will provide.

Steps over Web Interface:

  1. Log in to the web interface and navigate to Answers module.

  2. Click Create chatbot to create a new chatbot. Give the bot a name that will communicate to your customers what it can do for them. Select WhatsApp as the channel so you can use Link preview option when sending offer links.

  3. If you have prepared the intent training files beforehand, import them.  If not, create them in the system. Bear in mind that each intent needs to be trained with a minimum of 50 phrases. Take a look at what phrases you can include for roadside assistance:

Intent training phrases for car assistant

  1. Based on the dialogs you want to create, you might need to create attributes to support saving values. For example, if you want to offer available time slots for test drives or car maintenance, those values will be saved to attributes.

  2. Since dialogs are based on your customers replying with one of the options you offered them and these options guide the conversation further, you need to add keywords and their synonyms you expect to receive.

Keywords for Car Assistant

  1. Once you have the necessary attributes and keywords for building dialogs, you can start with the initial Welcome (default) dialog. You can either base it on the welcome intent or simply send all incoming messages into it by leaving the Intent field empty. This means that every time the bot receives a message that doesn’t fit with any of the existing intents, the conversation will start from the default (Welcome) dialog.

  2. Add the Send text element as the first element after intent frame and let your customers know what is it that the bot can help them with.

Send text element in car assistant

  1. Since you offered options to your customers, add the Process User Input element to branch the dialog according to what the customer decides is their purpose for this conversation.

Process user input in Car Assistant

  1. Depending on the user input you receive, send the customer to the next step in the conversation – move them to appropriate dialogs by adding Go To Dialog elements.

  2. One of those will lead to cars you offer for sale. You can offer available cars by giving your customers the option to select which model they prefer. Once they decide on the model, send them a price quote for it, together with the preview of the link where the rest of information can be found (Link preview toggle is on).

Link preview for price quote

  1. Finish designing all the planned dialogs and then use the Simulator to check if they work correctly.

  2. When you are satisfied how the chatbot responds to simulated conversation, activate it.

The end result when the customer reaches out to the Car Assistant chatbot may look something like this:

Car assistant talks with end user


Use Link preview option to pique your customers’ interest into what you have to offer.

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