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Inform Customers About High-Priority Alerts

Voice use case - Inform Customers About High-Priority Alerts - high-level overview

In these ever-changing times, having accurate and important information at the right time is a huge advantage. Imagine knowing right away when some unauthorized change happens on your bank account or if the controller inside your manufacturing facility raised an alert. Yes, you probably have a dedicated app from your bank or your controller supplier but maybe you don't have an internet connection at that moment so the information will not reach you right away.

Now imagine you can receive a phone call every time some important change happens, detailing exactly what the issue is and offering an option to confirm you received the message and act accordingly.

This is where Infobip Voice can chip in between you and your customers and provide a channel of instant communication.
You can convert text-to-speech using some of the available languages and voices or you can pre-record an audio file containing the message that you want to play to your customers.

This use case shows how you can easily integrate Voice to notify your customers about any type of alerts according to your previous arrangement.

Process Workflow

Voice use case - Inform Customers About High-Priority Alerts - process workflow


Steps over API

  1. Arrange alerting notifications thresholds with your customers or events that will trigger the call (such as unauthorized account access, money withdrawals, different alerts in the industry facility of your customers, etc.)

  2. Implement an API call towards Infobip once the agreed threshold/event has been met.

Request example would look like this:

   "bulkId": "BULK-ID-123",
   "messages": [
         "from": "3859111111111",
         "destinations": [
               "to": "385912222222",
               "messageId": "MESSAGE-ID-123"
         "text": "Hello, this is Your Bank notification. Your account has been accessed. If it wasn't you please contact our support asap or press 1 to be connected with our agent. ",
         "language": "en",
         "voice": {
            "name": "Joanna",
            "gender": "female"
        "if": "dtmf",
        "equals": "1",
        "transferTo": "385913333333"

Read more on how to implement Infobip Voice API.


Enable your customers to connect with your support service instantly by giving them the option to press a digit on their phone keypad to be transferred to your support agents. Use the transferTo parameter in your HTTP requests to achieve this functionality as shown in the example in step 2.


Please keep in mind that Voice can only use numeric senders, and delivery of the entered sender depends on the CLI route being supported. What this means is that we are not sure that the voice connection we are using is able to deliver the caller ID as defined. Sometimes operators will manipulate the CallerID in some other value.

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