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Invite Subscribers to Download Content

High level overview for subscriber download

Creating informative, creative and educational content for your subscribers takes a lot of time and effort. Make sure that each piece of your content reaches the intended audience by creating compelling newsletters. When you produce a valuable piece of content such as eBooks, industry research reports, guides or even blog posts that will help your clients use your product or service, easily build and send emails, track email opens and clicks, and automate the delivery.

Broacast email for subscriber download diagram


Steps over Web Interface

1. Log in to the Infobip web interface, navigate to the Moments module and click CREATE BROADCAST.

2. Enter the Broadcast Name (e.g., Tips & tricks) - located at the bottom of the interface.

3. Select a Channel – in this case, Email.

4. Click To and select your Audience (e.g. BLOG SUBSCRIBERS).

5. Set From fields:

  • Set Sender
  • Set Sending Email
  • Set Reply-to Address if it is different from the sender one

6. Enter Subject (e.g., Educational newsletter)

7. Set Content

  • Upload HTML file,
  • Create Custom Email with the Email Design Editor, or
  • Choose a Template

Create email for Broadcast

8. If you are attaching a document to your email, add it by clicking +Add Attachment.

9. Use Advanced settings to enable tracking options if needed.

10. Expand Scheduling Options if you want to send the email at a certain time period.

Email in broadcast example

9. Click ANALYZE and check the summary, if anything is missing from the email, a warning will be displayed here (for example, buttons with empty links).

Analyze email and launch

10. Click LAUNCH.


When you set tracking for opens and clicks, you can use this feature to find the users who didn't open the first email and send them a new email within the next few days.

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