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Re-Engage Inactive App Users

You have won the user's attention, they registered to your app, the onboarding process went perfectly, and they were active for a while. But, some time has passed and it is obvious that the user`s interest is slowly fading - it has been a while since they last launched the app. You are now looking for ways to re-engage them.

At this point, communication is key. Maybe you should check if the user needs help with anything related to your services, or inform them that a very useful new feature has been added and they could benefit from it.

This use case shows how to create a communication Flow based on user (in)activity, together with Push notifications as a reminder and a way to win them back.

Process Workflow

re-engage users process flow



Before you start tracking events in this use case, you will have to set up Mobile SDK. After you are all done with that initial step, proceed to create your Flow!


App Launch has been provided as a standard (default) eventĀ for all mobile users, and there is no need to set it up separately.

Steps over Web Interface

1. In the Communicate module (on the navigation bar), click CREATE FLOW and Start from Scratch.

2. As your starting point, select Trigger > People Real-Time Event.

3. Click the People Real-Time Event element to select AppLaunch, a predefined behavior for all mobile users, and decide how long you want to wait after the launch happened to try and re-engage the user. Let`s say you want to wait 7 days after they last launched the app.

cart abandonment starting point

4. Set a clear goal to be able to see how well your communication is faring. Click the goal element that is visible on the canvas and the side panel (below) will appear.

setting communication goal

5. Now, you can add a Push notification to this flow to send it to the users who launched the app a week ago but have not revisited: Hey, check out what happened since you last visited!

push notification to inactive users

6. For those who do not react to your Push message, add another Wait for an event, set up a wait time of 72 hours, and then send another Push including a special perk or discount.

push notification to inactive customers

7. Now that your communication is pretty much ready, click FLOW SETTINGS at the bottom of the page and then Frequency to enable the same person to reenter the flow more than once. While you are in there, choose after how many hours, days, or weeks this person should reenter the flow and how many times within that specified period. Our main purpose here is not to overwhelm customers with reminders.

Finally, use Scheduling to select Run this flow indefinitely. All event-based flows are meant to run indefinitely until you choose to stop them.

determining communication frequency and time

8. VALIDATE and LAUNCH your communication! If at any point you want to see the campaign metrics, click the View Flow Performance inside your flow and the screen will appear with the campaign data.

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