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Safety Takes Precedence in IoT

IoT use case - Safety Takes Precedence high-level overview

The preliminary requirement of each IoT deployment is to be feasible in enabling your existing assets, in this case - the cameras. To achieve drivers' safety and secure travel, there are cameras which will track human behavioral patterns. The Infobip communications platform serves as an additional tool to communicate with the drivers and make any necessary advisory actions.

Key challenges for any ridesharing company drivers are mitigating longer rides as they aim to meet their schedules in order to generate more revenue.
Therefore, tired drivers are prone t cause more accidents and put traffic safety and other people at risk.

The solution here would be to recognize facial biometrics and drivers' behavior and emotions in order to prevent any possible accidents, as well as:

  • Inform HQ about any tired drivers

  • Enable an automated alerting system. When drivers are tired, trigger a voice call notifying the driver to stop and rest.

Process Workflow

IoT use case - Safety Takes Precedence process workflow


A SIM card ordered, received, and inserted into device with active data traffic. For new customers - please reach out to your dedicated Account Manager to discuss your demand of SIM cards in terms of the use case, data consumption demands, type of connectivity and to open your account to have access to API. For existing customers (with Infobip account)we offer the ability to order SIM cards on your own via Infobip web interface.


Steps over API

  1. Use automated ordering process over API or contact your Account Manager to order a desired number of SIMs in a specified format, set the data limits, and specify the order delivery address. 

  2. Activate the SIM card via the Activation IoT API.
    Request example:

PUT /iot/2/sims/8981100022152967721/status  

  "status": "Active/Suspended" 

Response example:

200 OK  

  "actionId": "f597d319-de5c-4524-9378-e95478b58dad" 
  1. Insert the SIM card into the camera and start using it.

  2. Check the data usage for the SIM card for the current month. You will receive an alert that the monthly data usage limit has been reached.

Request example:

GET /iot/2/sims/8981100022152967721/usage 

Response example:

    "iccid": "8981100022152967721",
     "receivedSmsCount": null,
     "sentSmsCount": null,
     "usedDataBytes": 27199488,
     "receivedCallsCount": null, 
    "sentCallsCount": null
  1. Analyze the data sent to the server. If the driver hasn't slept in the last 10 hours, block the app usage for this driver and inform them about the blocked access to the account for the next 12 hours.

  2. Enable an automated alerting system. When drivers are tired, trigger an SMS notifying the driver to stop and rest.
    Request example:

POST /iot/1/sims/8981100022152967721/sms  

{  "text": "This is an example of SMS message text."}  

Response example:

200 OK  

No Content 

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