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Send Return Shipping Labels

Send return shipping label use case high-level overview

If a customer is dissatisfied with some items that they’ve ordered, the customer can request a return of the item. In case the customer wants to receive their return shipping label on WhatsApp, all they need to do is send „Return“ as a keyword.

After the keyword has been sent, the customer will receive a WhatsApp message with the return shipping label image along with the number of the order they want to return.

By sending the template to the customer's most preferred channel, in this case WhatsApp, you will be able to create a more personalized experience and allow him to print out the label from his phone in a few clicks.

Process Workflow

Send return shipping label use case - process workflow


Steps over Web Interface

  1.  Log in to the web interface, navigate to the Moments module > CREATE FLOW > Start from Scratch.
  2. Select Trigger. As your trigger, click Inbound Message and select WhatsApp as your channel. This way you will be able to automatically add customers who reply with a specific keyword to enter the flow. Add inbound keyword: Return.

Send Return Shipping - add inbound message element

  1. Add the Call API element to find out the number of the order which the customer would like to return.

Send return shipping label - add call api element

  • Enter the HTTP(S) URL. This should be a URL to the API service on your platform where the order numbers are stored.
  • Choose GET as the method.
  • Click Add Key Value Pair to set the HEADER. Be sure to include some kind of user ID, so your platform recognizes which user’s order number should be displayed. You can use the phone number for the user ID, any kind of external ID that you store in People for each of your customers or any unique identifier that can be used to distinguish your clients.
  • Select the Wait until response is received check box. This means the flow will wait until your platform returns the info about the order number.
  • Select the Save to Variable from Response Body check box. This will save the order number into a variable which can be used in elements later in the flow. In this case, you will use it right in the next element which will display the order number in a WhatsApp message.
    • Enter the name, for example, OrderNumber.
    • Select variable type Number.
    • Enter response – Map the response to that variable. Start with the $. and then follow with the name of the attribute you have in the response, such as “$.order_number” – This depends on the response that is returned from your platform’s API.

For detailed information, check out Call API.

  1. Add the Send WhatsApp message element. Fill in the required fields:

  • From – Select your registered phone number.
  • Type – Select Media Template.
  • Media Template – Select shipping_label_template.
  • Language code – Select the language you want to send your message in (only predefined languages apply).
  • Image URL – Insert the return shipping label image's URL.

Return shipping label example

  1. After you've provided all the information, under PREVIEW you can see how the message will look like. Click VALIDATE. If everything is set correctly, you will see a summary screen and click LAUNCH NOW.

Here’s how the entire flow looks like:

Send return shipping label use case flow example

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